Great fun in the stormy weather!

So the new adventure of the multinational team of MDXC has started ! All the stuffs has been put up and now the farm is of 15 antennas. In the next few hours we’ll provide to dxer community also the 6 meters antennas.All day round we have on air the six stations in any band/mode and at the moment of writing these lines we are going nearly to 6000 qsos in our log. The very motivate members of the team are all in good health despite to a very stormy weather with strong winds and heavy rains and…rains. At your QTH along the vientnamese coast of Da Nang Bay just in front of South China Sea we have also the oppurtiny to share friendship and experience with four local Om, all togheter under the MDXC flag!



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  1. Congratulations to the team. Your first day looks very nice with good signals and good operators on all bands. Thanks for 14 slots (17m RTTY missed but I’ll do it again) during which I had the pleasure of meeting some friends. The first photo above reminds me of our departure for 5R8M (happy memories). Waiting now for you on 160m. I wish you a good DXpedition and great times with MDXC friends. 73, F2DX (yes my name is always Patrick)

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