Go, go, go, Team!

Yes, as matter of fact we have some good reasons to say: Go, go, go Team! At the momento of writing these lines we are approaching to the 17.000 qsos in our log along the beach of Da Nang. Of course we are going to made any possible effort to work also a lot of american dxers calling in the right time just for the them.But do not forget please that we are to face strong wind and rains and rains …and the nice, wall of japanese dxers. We’d like to point your attention on the interesting choice to make with the sixth mix station also many qsos on JT65 (probably the fist time on dxped) and more than 150 qsos at the moment on six meters. In the next hours, when the high sea shoud be less high, some of us will leave to Cham Island (AS 162) to start the activity also from that Iota reference as 3W3MD/p. In the pictures you can see the free climbing man and great new comer of the team,Dario IZ4UEZ, the unvualable antenna-man Mario, IK4MTK at the shack, and some flashes from our pleasant location


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