Wake-up guys! Our log is still waiting for you!

Hallo once again from the beach of Da Nang City, Vietnam!  So , the team kept the promise and activated Friday and Saturday , Cham Island , Iota reference AS162, just to give an ATNO to many Iota chasers and, overall, picking up the only two days useful, with no rains, strong wind and high Sea. Now the Wx has changing again and a stormy weather has expected for the next days. All the team has going to do any effort in the final rush to reach the target of 50.000 qsos and we are confident about this number . Anyway tomorrow , Monday, November 9th we’ll put down a large part of our antennas because,as you know, we’ll leave Vietnam in the afternoon of Tuesday. So if you still did not contact us in any band/mode please try to do in next 24 hours. The choice to put down, on time, many antennas is a solution that…. do not leave us any another solution, due to the very long check announced us by the local custom and authorities when, in Da Nang airport, we’ll leave this wonderful Country. So be patient and support us till the happy end of this unforgettable experience for all the team . As a matter of fact we already have had a very warmful farewell Gala Dinner, with so important guests ,district an local autorithies, many local OM , musicians ando so nice singers. In one of the next post on this web site we’ll tell you more and more about this great friendship experience shared with a very friendly local people. In the meantime, stay tuned !




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