Propagation prediction

5 October 2015 iz8ccw 1

Our special thanks to K6TU for his propagation prediction software:  You can go on If you are looking for your personal propagation info See […]

Press Release # 3

26 August 2015 iz8ccw 2

Great news from the Mediterraneo International Dx ClubTeam.   During their already announced Da Nang city-Vietnam  dxpedition with the call-sign: 3W3MD from October 31 to […]

Licences just arrived

21 August 2015 iz8ccw 0

All documents, licences and permissions are now ready and in our hands, great job also by our local contacts and friends

#Radiofrequenza behind us

23 July 2015 mdxcboss 0

Yesterday, we received 200mt of coax cable and 3 home made interfaces from Radiofrequenza. Thanks for the support to Mario IW8ROB and Marco IW8RMN.

Just arrived? Maybe

1 July 2015 iz8ccw 0

Our co-leader , Gabriele, I2VGW, has just arrived to Da Nang City and ready to operate from here? No, not yet….. Our planning are going […]

3W3MD Trailer

29 June 2015 iz8ccw 0

Here you can find a new great job by our friend and unvaluable team member, Alain F6ENO : a pleasant  trailer of our next dx-pedition […]

Friedrichshafen 2016

29 June 2015 iz8ccw 0

Marco IZ2GNQ, with Cornelius (alias Mr. Spiderbeam), at FN Ham Messe on Costanza lake..just to pick-up more tools and equipments for our next adventure….Many friends […]

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