9M2/IZ1MHY on air from Redang Is. – Malaysia

Andrea Gili IZ1MHY (MDXC#148) will be active from Malaysia as 9M2/IZ1MHY from Sept. 27 to Oct. 9, 2011.

His holiday-style activity will be exactly from Redang Island ( IOTA AS#073 ) on 10, 15 and 20m with a vertical antenna and a 100 W transceiver.


QSL via his homecall, LOTW and our internal QSL-service for MDXC Members.


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4 Responses to “9M2/IZ1MHY on air from Redang Is. – Malaysia”

  1. IZ5MOQ says:

    Operation just started. GL Andrea!

  2. IZ5MOQ says:

    Something more on 9M2/IZ1MHY. Andrea is happy, the island sound very nice and the resort owners are very helpful. The small antenna (holiday-style) is well installed but there are some minor problems with electrical noise (indoor) and some high vegetation (outdoor). Andrea hopes to place the antenna on the beach, into free-space of isolated bungalof. [IZ1BZV, IZ5MOQ, IZ1MHY]

  3. IZ5MOQ says:

    9M2/IZ1MHY –

    Video from the “shack” of Andrea Gili IZ1MHY (MDXC#148).

  4. IZ5MOQ says:

    The holiday is ending. We believe that Andrea is happy about his holiday-style operation. More info as soon as possible.