Do not worry guys we are good as our cake!

Hallo everybody

So, despite any more difficulties we are on air. As the world of hams knows we arrived in Bujumbura with all the permissions and licences signed and approved but the local authorities of customs  stop all the equipments (antennas and radios) tho check one by one and this formal step take time, much time..hi

Anyway we made our best, believe us, put up  3 home made antennas, switch on 3 radios and startend already Monday Evening to made many qsos.

The latest news are quite good and we are very confident that all the equipments will be out from the custom deposit tomorrow,Wednesday in the late morning

Keep on touch ad listen listen,all the 9U4M waiting for you!!

Ciao de Antonio and Gab

14 thoughts on “Do not worry guys we are good as our cake!”

  1. Looking at your band plan is there anyway you can accommodate those of us with General class licenses in the USA on 20, 40 and 80?
    All of the SSB frequencies listed are out of the band limits for us as are the CW frequencies on 20, 40 and 80.
    Thank you.

  2. FRom CT4NH

    15 Meters Logs from today (08-11-2017) have been uploaded to Club Log ??
    Worked 9U4M @15:05 UTC , SSB but not uploaded? Following this worked them again @ 15:43 UTC but also not in Club Log charts…
    Thanks de Luis, CT4NH

  3. Worked 9U4M today (Nov 9) on 20M at 1825Z. Didn’t show up in next log download so worked again at 1926Z. Didn’t show up next log report either. Very good signal in northeast US. Is there a pirate or issue with log? Thanks for DXpedition! Barry, W1JFK

    1. You are in log wait day update for control connection here is very bad and time to time station going down of real-time. But any days we update full log no problem 73 Ant
      P.s. remember you call today on 20 I worked you ciaooooo

  4. Sorry to come again with same doubt (Not in Log ?!) but also I’ve worked them for an ATNO on RTTY 17 m @ 16:16 UTC (09-Nov) and still not shown in last update (22:10 z).
    Is it OK? Grazie da Luis, CT4NH

  5. I’ve worked 9U4M on 20CW (09.11.2017 08:31:51)
    Signs were very QSB I got confirmation but I got confused if was correct so check log and nothing, then signs got stronger and tried again (09.11.2017 09:06:38) I got clearly my call and QSO B4 before , this after the QSO with LB2TB call….

    Yet not in log…..

    Worked them now on 40m and first got LA9PDA and then LA9DJA, tried 2x and got finnaly LA9PJA…..
    Just wonder were is my 20m QSO?
    lost in limbo 🙂 in one of the PC’s????

    But tnx for the ATNO 40m CW 🙂

    Carlos LA9PJA

  6. I understand uploading Logs to ClubLog its not easy with an erratic internet, but could you check as I’ve worked you 10-NOV@21:46 UTC , 30 M, RTTY and still no sign of it on last update… Grazie per tutto e splendida operazione da 9U! 73 da Luis, CT4NH

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