Plenty of antennas at your service,hi!

Hallo from Burundi guys!

Good news from our QTH of Bujumbura just on the sand beach of Tanganika lake. We are working harder and harder to put your call signs into the 9U4M log and so we are going to reach the target of 20 k Qsos this evening.The other good new is that we already put on 19 antennas (yes we read right: 19 antennas!) and  so we are able to work any band any time any mode!. All the team,crossing fingers, is in good health, WX is still good also if time to time it’s raining shortly.Please watch the spot to fish us, is easier tahn you can imagine!

Hujambo! de Gabriele and Antonio


12 thoughts on “Plenty of antennas at your service,hi!”

  1. Hi, guys.
    Please switch to CW from SSB with SFI=69 and A=21. Your signal is just not making it to W7 land on any band other than 20m. Also, try CW on 30m for West Coast, too. I know it’s fun running a pile-up of Europeans, but give us in the far west a chance to work you, too.

    Thanks & 73,

  2. I have QSOs SSB from 9U4M (10.11.2017 05:36Z 18145 kHz and 06:29Z 21290 kHz). My call us5qrW. No US5QRV. US5QRV not found. 73! DX! Vlad US5QRW.

  3. All my previous QSOs now OK on the Log in Club Log and thanks for your accuracy, but…the one (12-NOV@21:23 UTC , 80 m ,CW ) yesterday ..not uploaded ..? I’ve checked the last update and nothing.
    Could you please be so kind and check?
    Thanks de Luis, CT4NH and keep up the excellent work!

  4. I have QSOs RTTY from 9U4M ( 13.11.2017 in 12:41Z on 14086,670 Khz. My callsign is UT8IT, not it is UT8UT. UT8IT not in your log.
    73! & GL! de UT8IT

  5. I know that RTTY QSOs are not on-line, but my QSO 40 M RTTY, 14-NOV@00:02 UTC has not been uploaded yet (last upload 16:22 UTC) . Something wrong? Thanks and keep up the good work. Grazie, Luis, CT4NH

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