N’agasaga Bujumbura!

So dear mates from all over the world we are going to close up our adventure in Burundi land. As a matter of fact we are happy to say everybody that has been a wonderful, great experience togheter . A professional and skill team of operators as usual,a nice and friendly people,starting from the italian owner, here in the resort that hosted us, and magnificient landscape(Tanganika lake, trees, birds) around us. So now we leave this land with our hearts plenty of emotions and sensations.  About our logs we are quite satifisfied despite the forced stop of the 3 initial days, because of checking our antennas and equipments by the local custom, we put in our logs,at the moment we are writing these lines more than 53 k qsos

For this reason we woul like thank you for your support and…for your calls

Please stay with us mand wait for the new Dxpedition of the International MDXC Team. Believe us, it is worth!!


Official pictures, official fun here in Bujumbura

Qsos after qso we are going faster and faster(we reach the daily target of 7000  qsos) to forget the 3 days lost at the beginning of our adventure when all the equipments and the antennas has been stopped by the custom authorities. Anyway Today has been a very good Day for our logs and so we took just half an hour to make the official pictures with national flags, our commercial sponsors and association sponsors logos, and our t-shirt of Burundi 2017 Dxped offered also by Northern California Dx Association. Another good opportunity to share nice moments between this nice and professional team of experienced guys

See you down the log, ciao!

Antonio and Gabriele

A piece of Vatican in our shacks!

From the lake Tanganika directly to your log! This is our real priority to reach as many as possible of you all over the world. At the moment we are writing this lines we are approaching the total numers of 30 k qsos and it was a very pity the forced stop of all our equipments at the entry in this wonderful Country ,asked us by local custom authorithies for 3 days. Anyway we are still working harder and Yesterday we received another great official visit. As a matter of fact the first Secretary of Vatican Embassy (that is usually called Nunziatura Apostolica) in Bujumbura, Burundi  visit our shacks and appreciated so much our job. The first Secretary, don Giuseppe Francone, made a long educational tour inside and outside our installations and our co-leader Gabriele, I2VGW show him our modes and bands operational.Don Giuseppe (in the picture shaking hands with Gabriele, I2VGW in front of one of our CW set up) made a lot of questions and Gabriele invited him to join the big family of amateur radio supporters may be taking a license..hi

Plenty of antennas at your service,hi!

Hallo from Burundi guys!

Good news from our QTH of Bujumbura just on the sand beach of Tanganika lake. We are working harder and harder to put your call signs into the 9U4M log and so we are going to reach the target of 20 k Qsos this evening.The other good new is that we already put on 19 antennas (yes we read right: 19 antennas!) and  so we are able to work any band any time any mode!. All the team,crossing fingers, is in good health, WX is still good also if time to time it’s raining shortly.Please watch the spot to fish us, is easier tahn you can imagine!

Hujambo! de Gabriele and Antonio


Do not worry guys we are good as our cake!

Hallo everybody

So, despite any more difficulties we are on air. As the world of hams knows we arrived in Bujumbura with all the permissions and licences signed and approved but the local authorities of customs  stop all the equipments (antennas and radios) tho check one by one and this formal step take time, much time..hi

Anyway we made our best, believe us, put up  3 home made antennas, switch on 3 radios and startend already Monday Evening to made many qsos.

The latest news are quite good and we are very confident that all the equipments will be out from the custom deposit tomorrow,Wednesday in the late morning

Keep on touch ad listen listen,all the 9U4M waiting for you!!

Ciao de Antonio and Gab

Also FT8 from Burundi!

The team is ready for this new mode. We’ll be active also on FT8, more infos coming soon !

Read with us the explanations about the new mode by the “guru” and Nobel Prize, John Taylor:

“Steve (K9AN) and I have developed a potential new mode for WSJT-X. We’re calling the mode “FT8” (Franke-Taylor design, 8-FSK modulation).

FT8 is designed for situations like multi-hop Es where signals may be weak and fading, openings may be short, and you want fast completion of
reliable, confirmable QSOs.

Important characteristics of FT8:

– T/R sequence length: 15 s
– Message length: 75 bits + 12-bit CRC
– FEC code: LDPC(174,87)
– Modulation: 8-FSK, keying rate = tone spacing = 5.86 Hz
– Waveform: Continuous phase, constant envelope
– Occupied bandwidth: 47 Hz
– Synchronization: three 7×7 Costas arrays (start, middle, end of Tx)
– Transmission duration: 79*2048/12000 = 13.48 s
– Decoding threshold: -20 dB (perhaps -24 dB with AP decoding, TBD)
– Operational behavior: similar to HF usage of JT9, JT65
– Multi-decoder: finds and decodes all FT8 signals in passband
– Auto-sequencing after manual start of QSO

*Comparison with slow modes JT9, JT65, QRA64:* FT8 is a few dB less sensitive but allows completion of QSOs four times faster. Bandwidth is
greater than JT9, but about 1/4 of JT65A and less than 1/2 QRA64.

*Comparison with fast modes JT9E-H:* FT8 is significantly more sensitive, has much smaller bandwidth, uses the vertical waterfall, and
offers multi-decoding over the full displayed passband.

*Still to come, not yet implemented:* We plan to implement signal subtraction, two-pass decoding, and use of “a priori” (already known)
information as it accumulates during a QSO. 73, Joe, K1JT”