Briefing of the team at Ham Messe

Hallo guys!

This is an official picture (by Roberta, I2VGW/XYL) Location: During the Ham Messe in Friedrischafen, part of the team, made a short briefing to speak about our next dxped, low bands setup (thanks F2DX and F2JD), new system of antennas (thanks IZ2GNQ), new system of log search real time (thanks IK2VUC),  etc. etc. You can see in the picture also ON7RN, F1HRE, YO8WW, I2VGW and IZ8CCW.

Play the joker with Propagation Prediction

As with our previous dx-pedition, we have the pleasure of having K6TU support, with his special propagation prediction. Going to the link you can have the prediction from 10 to 80 mt from your Country to Burundi. Thanks to Stu K6TU to give anyone a customized prediction specifically for our DXpedition!

9U4M now on Facebook

Check out our new Facebook page

As well as information posted on our website here, the Facebook page will be updated with Photographs and information both before, but more during the operation in Burundi.

We hope to post regular photographs and information as it happens to keep you up to date with events as they happen on the ground in 9U.

Fell free to add any comments good or bad to our Facebook page as after all, this is all for you!




On the road again, and this time on the road to Africa to reach their next QTH: just on the banks of the Tanganyika banks, Bujumbura. As a matter of fact, the leader Antonio, IZ8CCW and the co-leader Gabriele, I2VGW, are happy to announce to the DXer Community the new adventure with the international MDXC team: Burundi 2017 . The license is already in the leaders’ hands as 9U4M and they plan to be on air from November 6 to November 17th .

According to the evaluations that they have done, they are confident to give to a lot of dxers the possibility to work this Country in the Low bands, WARC and especially the Digital modes.

At the moment the team is built with experienced operators: 20 people coming from eight countries. On the air will be five stations, in several modes, around the clock.

For any further news and updates please stay tuned: the official web site of this new great adventure is coming. Of course any donation and sponsorship will be very very appreciated by the entire team!