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Open ears and eyes please: the call has changed!

Hallo dxers and contesters from alla over the world! We remind to all that, starting at 18: utc (00:00) local time, we shift the call, as announced, from S21ZBC to S21ZBB. So don not miss a qso with the  great Team but …. [...]


The official picture of the great Team!

And as usual…here is the official picture, under the flags, on the roof of Bangladesh  Scouts Headquarter! The great Team is plenty of fuel to be  prepared and work as many as possibile Dxcc Entities on Cqww We reamind you [...]


The young scouts’s smiles

Hallo guys from all over the world ! All the things are going very well, here in Bangladesh. Each member of the team is plenty of health so, crossing fingers, no job for our doctor, Dario, IT9ZZO. All the antennas has been [...]


The great Team just arrived in S21 Land

The team is in Bangladesh, all is ok but we  have not a good and solid internet connection at moment! After 38h without sleeping the 80% of Antennas is UP, this morning we’ll be able to complete our setup. So stay tune ! [...]


LOTW update

Log update to LOTW



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And Antonio made the pizza..a reality

And also this time Antonio, IZ8CCW…..

has succeeded in the enterprise: that to make to bring, straight from the capital Dhaka, on our tables in Bangladesh ten

authentic pizzas..Bangla-Italian!
An incredible success that has allowed the team to find again a bit of tastes of homeland
Do you want to know how the pizzas were? 

Five with the salamis and five with the mushrooms ..and  the photos tell the truth

Gabriele and the bangladeshi butterflies

    Among the so many curiosities of our S21 dxpedition we  think worths to tell you the story of the room 204,  in the General Headquarter of the Scouts of Bangladesh (location of our shacks) occupied by Gabriele I2VGW.

Someone of the team has, as a matter of fact, definite to call it the “room of the butterflies”.

The reason is well visible in the photos that we show you. A carpet with some beautiful butterflies inside his room but above all: a “special body- guard”, a great butterfly of dark color that, every day, at the sunset, punctually arranged herself  in the the left  angle of the wall close to the room of Gabriele

(are you able to see in the picture?)

Why? Perhaps to make him company. And when Gabriele has departed do you know what  happened?

Also the dark butterfly flown far ….Perhaps to also accompany him along his return trip…

Ok log, Ok party!

         Hallo dxers from all over the world!

 First of all thanks to have contacted  us in S21 land. We are very happy about our log.    Happy   to see many reports and read many mails  from  so many “new one” owners after a    qso with us.

We are also happy to confirm you that we just finished to check our log  and now you can find online any contact you have done with us.

So Ok log, ok party!

Ready for the next one adventure with the International Mdxc Team?