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Welcome to our new members: Patrizio Gianelli, Manolo Landri, Massimiliano Presti, Emilio Piccicacchi, Carlo Rosario Coppola, Alessandro Formisano, Filippo Simonetti, Roberto Corgiuolu, Angelo Ferrrentino, Daki Milan, Amateur Radio Association Volunteers A.R.V.O. IW5DOK – MDXC #428 Patrizio Gianelli from Volterra (Pi), Italy; IU3BTQ – MDXC #431 Manolo Landri from Spinea (Ve), Italy; IZ8FQI – MDXC #425 Massimiliano […]

8° World Meeting&Convention – The Official Site

Dear Members, This year we have organized our 8th Meeting in conjunction with one of the most successful events in the South of our country: the HamRadioShow, organized by the ARI Pompeii. The event, now in its thirteenth edition, came among the most important events organized by Hamradios in South Italy. An appointment which collects […]

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Welcome to our new members: Francesco Papa, Francesco De Maio, Johan Willemsen, Vilmantas Morkunas, Tony Luis, Valdinievole ARS Club Station, Giampiero Nocentini,  Antonio Paolino, Marco Rampone, Eduardo Flores, Mauro canali, Pietro Bassetti, Franco Caruso, Giuseppe Cusumano, jose Antonio Trujillo Martinez, Luca Mascanzoni, Fabrizio Marinai, Pavia ARI club station, Pietro Falchi, Sondrio ARI club station, Antonio Lagana, […]

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Welcome to our new members: Chaeles Wilmott, J.Merle Elson, Charly Lichyenecker, Giovanni Leone, Antonio Prisco, Lajos Veres, John Arnivig.   M0OXO – MDXC#213 Chaeles Wilmott from England; K5MT – MDXC #266 J.Merle Elson from U.S.A. OE3KLU – MDXC #323 Charly Lichyenecker from Austria; IK8MRA – MDXC #334 Giovanni Leone from Torre del Greco (Na), Italy; IZ8EKL – MDXC […]

2015:Now renew your membership fee !

Dear Members, like every year, we kindly ask you to confirm your membership in the Club and, like every year, we ask you to do everything possible to support the Mediterraneo DX Club to remains on the top sponsors of DXand IOTA expeditions. The help that we can give to the Teams and individual operators will depend in full […]

Happy 2015

Happy New year Wishes 2015: Friends now countdown started from Celebrate happy new year 2015. Everybody preparing and waiting for New Year celebration. The Mediterraneo DX Club wishes you a peaceful 2015