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3W3MD – vietnam Dx-pedition announce

Do you know Da Nang ? May be yes, may be not. Da Nang city is one of the major port cities in Vietnam, situated on the Est Sea, but, overall, Da Nang will be the next destination of the Mediterraneo International Dx ClubTeam and so it will be soon on air any mode/any band […]


IQ8MD/P Vivara Isl.

19 april 2015, IC8ATA Raul,IC8BMP Felice,IC8DAK Paolo,IC8FGU Enzo,IC8FQU Giannino MDXC members, well be actived as IQ8MD/P, from Vivara island, IOTA EU-031, MIA NA-005, IIA C-005, IFF-331. Qsl manager for this activity IC8ATA Raul, direct or via  buro. The team is actived with 2 stations in same time, 10 to 40mt.


E30FB – Eritrea: Photo’s

We receive and publish some photos that our friends shippers have sent to us during operations DX . Aboute the table the logo MDXC sponsor activity The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of E30FB Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2015. More information on the official website.


9Q0HQ: The Photo

The flag of the Mediterraneo Dx Club waving in Congo. The Mediterraneo DX Club is sponsor of 9Q0HQ. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members. More information on the Official site.      


Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Dario Maragno, Gianluigi Costa, Gianpaolo Bianchi, Vittorio Giovanardi, Gianluca Tassinari, Domenico Bocchetta, Flavio Begamasco, Paolo Prandi, Vanni Chioccoloni.     IZ3XBL – MDXC#404 Dario Maragno from Schio (Vi), Italy; IW3IOD – MDXC#394 Gianluigi Costa from San Giorgio in Bosco (Pd), Italy; I2YPY – MDXC#389 Gianpaolo Bianchi from Mantova, Italy; IZ4UFS – […]



Chris was also actievd as VK7FG end 9 March for VK7FG, H44NT is possible asking qsl via QSL SERVICE