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HNY 2021

we hope it will be a year of serenity for all peoples

7Q7RU dxpedition

7Q7RU Team will be active from Malawi, 7 – 18 November 2020. Team – R7AL, RA1ZZ, RZ3K, EW7L (YL), R9LR. They will operate on All HF Bands, CW, SSB, FT8 with focus on 160 and 80m. They planning to operate on 60m Band also. QSL via R7AL, LOTW, ClubLog OQRS, MDXC Pilot – Victor, UA3AKO. […]

E6AM Niue

LZ1GC, LZ1PMwill be active from Niue Island, IOTA OC – 040, 28 September – 17 October 2020.QSL via LZ1GC, LOTW, ClubLog OQRS. (QSL SERVICE FOR MDXC MEMBERS) Sept. 06 / 2020 UPDATE : Dear Members of Mediterraneo DX Club,I am Stan, LZ1GC ( E6AM & A35GC ).Thanks for your support of 400 Euro to our […]

ID9OSC – Panarea Island, EU-017

IT9EJW, IT9GAC, IT9IDR, IT9LKX, IT9NKT, IT9VKY, IW9HSK & IT9ZZO to be active from Panarea Island, EU-017 as ID9OSC during September 16-20, 2020. QRV on 80-2m, SSB/CW/RTTY/FT8. More info on official site here


Team Team – LA7GIA, RM2D, RA9USU, R4BE – planning to be active from Jan Mayen Island, IOTA EU – 022, 15 September – 5 October 2021.Two week operation planned. They will operate on 160 – 6m, CW, SSB, Digital modes, focusing on 160, 80, 60, 40, 30m.QSL via UA3DX, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW. MDXC Service DELETED

A35GC Tonga

A35GC Team will be active from Tonga, 19 October – 2 November 2020.Team – LZ1GC, LZ1PM. QSL via LZ1GC, LOTW, ClubLog OQRS. (MDXC FREE VIA QSL SERVICE)


33 operators, form all cll area of ITaly, + Sardinia and Swizzerland, for a totale of 15 stations, came on air form 20 to 27 May 2020, for 4th anniversary of Team Sondrio MDXC – more of 18K qso (9400 unique call) – 127 dxcc .

10th Pisa District

Fantastic event from our Team in Pisa, more of 30.000 QSO, in the month of April 2020. Full information about event and results on

Swains2020 W8S Breaking News:

UPDATE 22 Feb. 2020: Following the disappointing news earlier this week the Swains2020 team is extremely happy that we can announce the new schedule for the W8S DXpedition to Swains Island. The team will be on the island from September 23 until October 6, 2020.


VU4R Team will be active from Neil Island, Andaman Islands, IOTA AS – 001 in CQ WW WPX SSB Contest, 28 – 29 March 2020.Group of eight operateor are planning to be active 20 – 31 March 2020. official site QSL via MDXC Service – M0OXO


TU2R Team will be active from Cote d’Ivoire, (Ivory Coast), 23 March – 3 April 2020. Team – Roger ON7TQ, Olivier ON4EI, Ron ON1DX, Ief ON6KX and Kevin SWL. They will operate on 160 – 10M, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT4, FT8, including activity in CQ WW WPX SSB Contest. QSL via MDXC qsl service


OK1BOA, OK1FCJ, OK6DJ. Team will be active from Cote dIvoire, 24 – 29 February 2020 as TU5PCT. QSL via OK6DJ, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW, MDXC