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C6AGW: the QSL!

We’re glad to show a preview of the C6AGW QSL-card. I2VGW informs that cards will be shipped as soon as possible, when all QSLs will be printed. For updates please refer to the official website where will be also available further details about shipping operations. We’ve been very proud to follow in a special […]

Brunei Darussalam 2012: V84SMD

Gemilang Amateur Radio Station & Mediterraneo Dx Club, this is the twinning of the year ! This 2 club, with fantastic friendship spirit, organized this dxpedition for twinning and start a long cooperation. V85TX and others members of Gemilang support the MDXC for licence, entry with equipment and logistic help. We have already planned, during […]

E51M: The Photo

Today we have received email from to DJ8NK, enclosing photos with MDXC flag and  the team’s of E51M, also reported that the cards were sent to our secretariat. In the moment we recived , immediately forward them to the home members who have requested via QSL SERVICE Good dx!

Somalia 2012: MDXC is a sponsor of 6O0CW

We are pleased to add a “new one” in our Sponsored DXpeditions list: 6O0CW, Somalia. Operations from the African Entity are already on and will extend until May 18, 2012. For MDXC Members is also available our internal QSL service. Please remember that since the end of the DXpedition you can send QSL requests: look […]

Yemen 2012: MDXC is a sponsor of 7O6T

We couldn’t let the chance slip for our Members. We couldn’t let a so important DXpedition slip for MDXC. Now it’s official: the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of 7O6T from Socotra Is., Yemen, on air in these days until May 15. Our regular Members will be able to benefit of the free internal […]

HK0NA Story

HKØNA DXpedition 2012 Written by Bob Allphin, K4UEE 195,000 QSOs….WOW !  How does a DXpedition make that many contacts?  Well, it’s just simple math:  have a lot of radios and antennas, a lot of days on the air and enough operators to keep making QSOs day after day.  And that is exactly what we did……piling […]

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Claudio Corcione, Nicola Franco, Nerino Pazzali, Tony De Longhi, Antonio D’Arpino, Alain Darve and Vanni Po. TF2CL – MDXC #350 Claudio Corcione from Iceland; IV3CWB – MDXC #695 Nicola Franco from Torreano (Ud) Italy; IK2ABJ – MDXC #696 Nerino Pezzali from Lodi Italy; IZ2ESV – MDXC #697 Tony De Longhi […]

T30PY is the logo of the month in the URE Magazine

The official magazine of URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles), the Spanish Amateur Radio Association, each month awards the nicest logo used by the most important DXpeditions.

NH8S: Swains Island DXpedition 2012

A new sponsored Dxpedition fills our basket: the rare Swains Island. As always, for our regular Members will be easy and free to receive the NH8S QSL, directly at home, thanks to our internal QSL SERVICE. Here is the Official press reease about the DXpedition. Scheduled for September 4 – 18, 2012 Joe W8GEX and Craig […]

C6AGW: New press release

During the week-end, under the italian rains (cats and dogs raining, hi) Gabriele, I2VGW has tested all the antennas and the equipments for his Bahamas round trip . As announced he plans to be operating as C6AGW starting April 26th through May 6th from Biminis islands, NA048 and/or Berry islands (NA054) quite rare Iota references […]

T30PY & T30SIX – Tarawa, Western Kiribati

We’re pleased to announce that is online the T30PY W.Kiribati DXpedition Official Website, available at the url The DXpedition will be to Tarawa Island, Western Kiribati, from Oct 16 t0 25, 2012, when two call signs will be used: T30PY for use from 10 to 160m and T30SIX on 6m. It is expected to […]

QRZ de 3D2A, 3D2T, T2T and T2V

We’re pleased to publish the story, written by Bill Horner VK4FW for all MDXC members. Far and fascinating islands where everything is difficult… expecially when in the Team there is a very special and “invisible” guest: his name is “Murphy”. T2T Tuvalu DXpedition has been proudly supported by MDXC. Another occasion to underline our friendship […]