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XR0ZR – Juan Fernandez

A group will be active as XRØZR from Juan Fernandez Island later this year. The team say sometime between October 1 to November 30. The official website is under development now and will be available here. The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of XRØZR. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Salvatore Santucci, Takashi Yano, Mauro Morani, Franco Donati, Lucia Sapori, Luca Corsini, Manjurul Haque. IZ8GGF – MDXC #249 Salvatore Santucci from Pozzuoli (Na), Italy; JN3SAC – MDXC #740 Takashi Yano from Japan; IZ4VSD – MDXC #901 Mauro Morani from Reggio Emilia, Italy; I5DOF – MDXC #902 Franco Donati from Viareggio […]

ZK3N: Tokelau 2013

We are pleased to inform you that 15 to 30 April 2013 will be active the DXPedition with the callsign ZK3N, from Nukunonu Island (IOTA OC-048). This island is a group of coral islets Within Tokelau in the south Pacific Ocean. Covering 5.5 km ², it is the largest of the three islands That constitute Tokelau, and […]

TX5K: Other photo’s

We still shocked on the death of our big friend Luis, XE1L, that hit a lot the team of Clipperton Island 2013 and all ham-radio world. Now, we receive some DXpedition photos and we want to donate the 1st one to Luis, engaged in his big pileup! In the official team pic, published yesterday, the […]

TX5K: photo team

The flag of the Mediterranean Dx Club waving in Clipperton Is. This is a photograph published on the website of the Dxpedition. We remember that the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of TX5K. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

V84SMD: QST magazine of April 2013

We wanted to report the publication of QST magazine on April,  the American Association ARRL. Below is the article on the latest adventure in Brunei V84SMD organized by Mediterraneo Dx Club and the  Gemilang Club . To page 90 and 91 W3UR summarizes the information gathered from F2JD.  

Breueh Is.OC-245: The video

We are pleased to tell you the video of the DXpedition IOTA Oc-245 on Breueh Is. The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members. The official site of the DX-Pedition you will find more video, enjoy the view!

XE1L Luis: Silent Key

Desolated We are. Very sad news, just arrived on XE1L death. Our big friend, Luis, just back home from the last DX adventure in Clipperton Is TX5K .First report said that he arrived in California and died. With deepest regrets we must tell you that shortly after returning to San Diego, Luis XE1L was stricken with a […]

The H44KW DXpedition 2013: Story

by Phil Whitchurch G3SWH I had been considering a DX-pedition to the Solomon Islands since 2010 but for a number of reasons, primarily to do with finding somewhere from where to operate, had decided to go elsewhere.  However, after the 2012 operation as 3DA0PW with John EA5ARC / G3OLU, Jim, G3RTE and I were keen to […]

Breueh Island: Photo

The DX-pedition to the Breueh island is finished. We uploaded the final log and you can see the log on line your QSO. We received the first photos that have been uploaded in the gallery. We remember that the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of IOTA OC-245. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC […]

K9W: Wake Atoll 2013

Team Leader Lou N2TU and the Management Team of Joe W8GEX, Craig K9CT, and Joe AA4NN are proud to announce they are planning a Commemorative DXpedition to a rare DX entity. This DXpedition will be to Wake Atoll (KH9) in October 2013.Team Operators include Joe AA4NN – John K6MM – Carl K9CS – Craig K9CT – Mike K9NW – Lou N2TU – […]

Breueh Island: IOTA OC-245

YB6AR, YB3MM, YF1AR, YB6AF, YB6AO and YC6EI will be active from Breueh Island OC-245 between March 9-17, 2013. Qsl manager is IZ8CCW Course you can view the official site for other information. The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.