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TX5K: Update

Receive and publish new upgrade of TX5K: During the weekend of Dec. 10, the European members of the team gathered in Goch, Germany, at the super contest staion DR1A, to assemble and pack most of the equipment for the two HF operating sites on Clipperton. The gear includes ten full HF stations; the 6m station […]

NH8S: the QSL card!

Here is a preview of the NH8S QSL-card that our Members will receive directly by mail as soon as the manager AA4NN be able to process requests, thanks to our QSL service. Congratulations to the NH8S Team for the nice DXpedition and congratulations to all MDXC Members who contacted them!

3D2C Dxpedition: The Story

3D2C Dxpedition to Conway Reef September 26th – October 4th, 2012 By Paul S. Ewing-N6PSE Sometimes a team sets out to do a Dxpedition and for many varied reasons, you don’t meet your intended goals. Sometimes it takes another attempt to accomplish what the team has set out to do. Dxpedition leaders often have an […]

D64K: the QSL card!

Here is a preview of the D64K QSL-card that our Members will receive directly by mail in the next few weeks, thanks to our QSL service. Congratulations to the D64K Team for the nice DXpedition and congratulations to all MDXC Members who contacted them!    

34° Clipperton Dx Club Convention

Sept. 21-22 2012: all Clipperton DX Club members met for the 34° Convention in Granville, France. A great meeting for a great DX Club as is CDXC! The Mediterraneo DX Club is pleased to congratulate Clipperton DX Club for the new President F1NGP Yann. We also express our special thanks to the former President F5CWU […]

NH8S: a new press release

Just received from the NH8S Team: August 22, 2012 Press Release The leaders are happy to report that the DXpedition cargo has arrived in American Samoa. The international team of 20 operators are excited about this tent and generator operation. The island ranks number 31 in the DX Magazine most wanted list. Swains is about […]

C6AGW: the QSL!

We’re glad to show a preview of the C6AGW QSL-card. I2VGW informs that cards will be shipped as soon as possible, when all QSLs will be printed. For updates please refer to the official website where will be also available further details about shipping operations. We’ve been very proud to follow in a special […]

Welcome to…

Davide Mazzola, Fabio Cocci, Andrea Cavazzoni, Giorgio Imperatore Antonucci, Vincenzo Landro, Bruno Boglione, Luca Moroni, Angelo Ricci, Giuseppe Galizia, Loreto Mastroviti, Giuseppe Leonardi, Luigi Maggi, Giuseppe Melone, Agostino Panza, Ivan D’Avenia, Antonio Lattanzi. IK0RHS – MDXC #711 Davide Mazzola from Cisterna of Latina (Lt) Italy; IK6JOT – MDXC #712 Fabio Cocci from Mondolfo (Mu) Italy; IK4UOA – MDXC #713 Andrea Cavazzoni from Parma Italy; IK6TOT – MDXC […]

T30PY is the logo of the month in the URE Magazine

The official magazine of URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles), the Spanish Amateur Radio Association, each month awards the nicest logo used by the most important DXpeditions.

Malyj Vysotskij Island is a Deleted Entity for the DXCC

It’s official: the Malyj Vysotskij Island is now added to the DXCC deleted entities list. Maly Vysotsky is located in northwest Russia and has been leased to Finland. In 1963 a treaty signed by Soviet Union and Finland leased the island to Finland for fifty years. Here is the full article published on the ARRL […]

5V7V Togo 2012

UPDATE #4 (Feb 11, 2012) In the night 5V7V will be active on 160m.   UPDATE#3 (Feb 9, 2012 – 00:22 UTC): Finally on air! As anticipated, Franco started to operate a few hours ago. Pile-up is already very strong on 30, 40 and 80m. Log-check updates will be available tomorrow. More information on the […]

Happy New Year to all our Members

Still needs a little bit, actually a few hours to 2012 and it’s time to remember the beautiful 2011 for MDXC. In one word we can define 2011 the innovation year for Mediterraneo DX Club. From the new Portal, in English and Italian, to our new offers to support DXpeditions…