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I have received some e-mail from HAMs who have sent their QSL (mostly in August) and they didn’t get any answer from me. I’m sorry but it is possible that some envelopes sent in August might have been lost. If you haven’t get your card until now, your envelope didn’t arrive here, because I have answerd to all 124 direct QSL (even with insufficient return postage) received before today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are sending a request for a direct QSL card from me, please consider that:
- UPU (IRC) coupons are exchanged 1 UPU = EURO 0,75
- US dollars are exchanged 1 USD = EURO 0,75 (+/-)
- N & S. AMERICA – ASIA and AFRICA postage fee from Italy is EURO 1.60
- OCEANIA postage fee is EURO 2.00
for these reasons please send at least 2 UPU coupon (or 2 US dollars), just to cover 90% of return stamps cost.
JAPAN: please do not use the envelopes with IRBS number: Local post office do not accept this kind of envelopes.


Sept. 12, 2011
Replied to all QSL cards received via direct.


Aug 31, 2011 
A message directly from Frank:

Thanks to MDXC team for the Web pages, Log On Line support, Statistics and for propagation forecasts.
A special thanks to Max, IK8LOV for his daily presence via SKYPE and for his support.
Frank CE0Y/I2DMI

Here is a preview of CE0Y/I2DMI QSL-card

Cards for MDXC internal QSL-service will be delivered on Sept 10, 2010 in Busto Arsizio during the MDXC World Meeting.

Aug 30, 2011
All QSOs have been uploaded on LoTW and eQSL
Aug 25, 2011
QSL will be printed in September and sent as soon as possible: DIRECT for those who sent their card directly and via BUREAU or Mediterraneo DX Club QSL-service at the end of September.

Aug 13, 2011 
CE0Y/I2DMI log will be uploaded on LOTW & eQSL AT THE END OF AUGUST


Aug 7, 2011

Today Frank will be online from 8.00pm UTC and he’ll try to call also on 12 and 10m bands. QRV on 14.089 MHz, 21.089 MHz and 28.089 MHz.

Aug. 07, 2011  

Look down a new video from CE0Y/i2DMI’s PC monitor showing Pile-Up on 15m.


Aug. 05, 2011

ANNOUNCED SKED ON 15m. CE0Y/i2DMI will be QRV on 21.089 MHz since 08.00pm UTC.


Aug 04, 2011  

Due to possible blackouts, QSOs could be unespectedly interrupted during next few days. 40m band is at the moment enough noisy, so operations are focused mainly on 20m where openings are wider and stronger.



Pile-Up on 15m 

A video from the PC of CE0Y/i2DMI