Contest University Italy 2013

Contest University Italy 2013, we are pleased to inform you that the registration for the fifth edition of the Contest University Italy are open! Also this year there will be guests of the highest level, national and international, in the world of Contesting and DX’ing.In addition to the opportunity to attend a very interesting relationships and interventions to improve their skill in the contest, the Contest University is also an excellent opportunity to meet in person many OM share the same passion, chat with friends, and maybe steal some secret on who wrote and is writing the history of Contesting in Italy and worldwide.

Want to know more? Visit the to view the program and to sign up.

The MDXC cooperate with this event, our President IZ8CCW #004 and I2VGW Gabriele #279, present the last DXpedition for the group V84SMD .


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