CQWW SSB Contest 2011: IQ8MD Winner

The Mediterraneo Dx Club, aired as IQ8MD, has gotten the 1st world place into the 2011 CQWW-SSB Contest, EXtreme Category, MultiOperator. The EXtreme Club station was operated by: IZ8CCW – IK8LTB – IZ8BGY – IZ3KNK – IZ3NVR – IZ5MMB – IZ5MOQ – IZ5NFD. All in one, well committed, to get this prestigious award. The plaque, of course, will be exhibited at the MDXC HQ. This award fills all of us with joy, contest participants and above all the club members.

Several thanks, appreciation and pride messages are arrived. Now, here we are, anxiously awaiting for the final results of the 2012 Edition. Preparing to win again, the 2013 Edition too! (In the photo on the cover: the founding members of MDXC)

IQ8MD Winner


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3 Responses to “CQWW SSB Contest 2011: IQ8MD Winner”

  1. IZ5MOQ says:

    Extreme well done!

  2. Jaime Eloy CU3AK says:

    Congratulations for such honour price and award.It sure makes MDXC greater. Good team best of all to all of them

    Jaime Eloy

  3. F8BON Pat says:

    hello dears in headquaters of M.DX C.
    Congratulations for the place of CQ WW SSB CONTEST 2011…
    Fine business…. try again… my best regards dear friend and President Antonio and Cie… your are the best.
    Pat. F8BON
    M.DX C. # 063