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Since our last Press Release in early May, the Amsterdam Island DXpedition team has made significant progress. We have begun receiving supplies and equipment at our Atlanta staging area.  Thanks to N4GRN for arranging secure storage.  DX Engineering was the first to deliver a large shipment.  They have been terrific to work with.  Our 10 mono-band, 3 element beams from Cycle 24 and Force 12 are expected to arrive in the next few weeks. The 30 foot towers for our beams are being acquired by our friends in VK6.

W6IZT, N4GRN, K9CT, and VA7DX have completed the networking framework for the two station sites.  They have obtained the computers and network equipment, completed a terrain analysis, and they have equipment in the “burn in” stage.

WB9Z and his crew have prepared over 10,000 feet of radials for the Amsterdam low band antennas.  Thanks go to NV9L, K9NU, N9TK, K9TP, N9LAH, W9ILY, K9CJ, and “Lee.”

Our plans for several low band receiving systems are also complete.  We will be hearing and being heard very well from FT5ZM on the low bands

Our “on island” procedures are progressing well.  We’ve satisfied the sanitation and waste management plan required of us.  We have the floor plans and dimensions of our two operating sites so we can pre-plan our power distribution wiring and equipment placement.  We will be expected to help with some routine base chores like helping to clean the dining room, setting the tables, etc. So we will also have a “KP” roster, as well as our radio operating roster.  Our team will become a real part of the small community on Amsterdam Island.

Arnie N6HC, our team doctor and our friends W0GJ and K9SG are finalizing our medical and emergency kits.  Outdated drugs are being replaced, etc.

Our Pilot team to date is:

  • NV9L, Val:   North American pilot and chief pilot
  • MM0NDX, Col:   European pilot
  • KH6CG, Stan:   Oceania pilot

Our Chief Financial Officer and fundraiser K4UEE along with his able assistants: LA6VM and JA1ELY have been working hard to make sure DXers worldwide know about this upcoming DXpedition to the number 4 “most needed” DXCC entity and they are given an opportunity to help with our considerable expenses. At this time we are about 2/3 of the way to our goal.  Taking into account what we expect from direct QSL requests and OQRS, we are about $75,000 short.  This is of some concern.

For more information on our DXpedition budget, please see:


Thanks for your interest and support of this exciting project.

Our website is www.amsterdamdx.org


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