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Our landing site is on an outcropping along the north coast of the island near the base. Landing can be difficult due to the direct exposure to the open sea. Both our arrival and departure times could be effected by the weather and high seas.

FT5ZM Operating Sites We have been assigned two operating sites on the north end of the island. One site, a shelter called Mataf, is located just northeast of the base. It is over 400 feet from the sea and the beach area has small cliffs, is rugged and rocky, and is exposed to the high sea. Having antenna’s at the water’s edge is not really an option. The slope Antonelli downward and to the north favors propagation to most major Mataf population areas. We will use verticals for the low bands and 3-element Yagis for the high bands.

At our second site we have been assigned to a shelter called Antonelli. This site is 2.5 KM inland from Mataf and has an elevation approximately 600 ft. above Mataf. Again, terrain slopes downward to the north. The terrain around Antonelli is quite rugged and the shelter sits on the edge of an old volcanic crater. However, space is abundant behind the shelter and we do not anticipate difficulty in putting up antennas. Again, we will use 3-element monoband Yagis for the high bands and verticals for the low bands. Low band receive antennas will be available at both operating sites.

FT5ZM Operating Sites The two shelters are not large. They measure approximately 15 by 15 feet and have some built in bunks and benches, limiting our available space for stations. But we will make this work.

Our plans are proceeding. Equipment is being built, supplies are being shipped to our staging site in Atlanta, airlines are being booked, hotel rooms are being reserved, and payments on our ship are about to begin. Your support and financial contributions are critical to our success. We sincerely thank those who have supported us thus far. If you have not yet made a contribution to this DXpedition, we ask that you please consider doing so by going to the Donate button on our home page. We need your help.

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