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Our sea container loaded with pallets of equipment has arrived in New Zealand.  The container has been unloaded and its contents placed in a bonded customs warehouse.  It is ready for transportation by truck to the port of Tauranga.

The Braveheart will return from a mission to Raoul Island on December 6th and be prepared to load our cargo shortly thereafter.  Between December 9th and 14th the ship will be provisioned, undergo routine maintenance, and a main engine oil change.  The Braveheart staff will fill our shopping list and put all dry provisions aboard the vessel.

The ship’s crew will have been at sea or working for a long time, so they will take a vacation during the week of the 15thto the 21st.  On December 23rd the Braveheart will take on fuel.  On the 24th fresh produce (eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables) will be put aboard.  The crew will spend Christmas day with their families.

On December 26th at 1400 the Braveheart will depart Tauranga via New Zealand’s North Cape, cross the Tasman Sea south of Tasmania, cross the Great Australian Bight past Albany, and then sail north up the western coast of Australia to Fremantle.  This is a 3440 nautical mile voyage that will take 17 days.

The Braveheart is scheduled to enter the port of Fremantle on Monday January 13th.  The vessel will take on fuel and provisions on January 14th.  She will clear customs and depart for Amsterdam Island on January 15th with our 14 team members and lots of radio equipment aboard.

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