Juan de Nova 2016: update

The Mediterraneo DX Club is  sponsor of Juan de Nova 2016 dx-pedition.

Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2016.


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October 22 – Press release – FT4JA, Juan de Nova 2016

FT4JA is your expedition! By supporting the Juan de Nova 2016 project you become in some ways a team member and as such it seems essential to us to share with you the preparation for the operation.

We are happy to announce that our tenth operator recently made it official that he will participate in the operation. We are talking about Diégo, F4HAU.

Our team of pilots is also ready. It will be managed by Cedric, F5UKW who will summarize the requests and comments received by “regional relays” who are: N5FG (NA / SA), ON9CFG (EU / AF), JJ3PRT (AS / OC). They will be the people to talk to before and during the expedition. We rely on you to provide them with relevant information to refine our propagation predictions and organize our traffic.

On the island, we will have a satellite connection. Although this set up is expensive, we consider it necessary to offer different services: online log, photos, news, correspondence with the pilots. Exchanges in this way will however be limited to the strict minimum in order not to increase the budget, already very tight.

The experience of our operation from Tromelin (FT4TA) is of course a tremendous asset. We have long debated the strengths and room for improvement. Although returns were extremely positive, we carefully recorded comments and remarks to strive for an even better user experience and close to your expectations.

The relationship of trust with the authorities allows us to involve a greater number of operators for a longer duration to maximize the chances of contact with Juan de Nova. With the support of several sponsors, we also develop our equipment to have more flexibility in traffic and satisfy the greatest number: a second set of VDA on some bands, improved RX system, more stations available.

It is clear that our budget is harder to reach because of the numerous major operations over a short period of time. Let’s not forget that most of the expenditures are made before departure. Therefore, it is essential that the mobilization continue so that the Dxpedition can take place.

We count on your support and that of your clubs and associations. Each donation brings us one step closer to Juan de Nova. Let’s hope that all DXers ​​will in turn invest in the project. It is never too late and every donation, whatever the amount, is important.

The team FT4JA – Juan de Nova 2016

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