Macau DX-Perience 2012

Between May 17 and 23, 2012 will be on air from Coloane Island (IOTA AS-075) – Macau – a Team of Spanish (more one French at the moment) operators.

The MDXC is a sponsor of XX9 DXpedition and will offer, as always, the internal QSL SERVICE for all regular Members.

The Team

XX9 Macau Team is made up 9 operators: EA5BZ – Ruben Navarro (Team Leader) EA5CEE – Pasqua Navarro EA6DD – Biel Maimó EB5BBM – Jose M. Molero F5VLY – Adrian Green EA1ACP – Jose M. Delgado EA5FX – J. Fernando Conde EA7FTR – Francisco Liañez EB7DX – David Liañez

The Assistants

EA1DVY – Carlos Almazan EA3HCJ – Gerardo Otero EA5IK – Miguel Espinosa

The Pilot

EA2RY – Roberto Filloy

Further info on their official website.

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One Response to “Macau DX-Perience 2012”

  1. EA5BBM says:

    Hi All,

    We hope to make as much QSO’s as possible with MDXC members giving you the chance of having XX9 and/or AS-075 for those IOTA hunters in needed band or mode. Fingers crossed for propagation and ears up!

    Thanks for help & support.

    C U in the pile up!

    XX9 2012 Team member and co-organizer.