MDXC sponsor of TX7M, TX5A & TX3T Marquesas Is. 2011

From Oct. 19 to Nov. 4, 2011 will be on air TX7M, TX5A & TX3T from Marquesas Is. Another MDXC sponsored DXpedition!

DX activities will be from 2 different locations: Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva and Papeete, Tahiti. Team is composed by R3FA – Oleg Zhukov (Team Leader), FO5QB – Michel Huin, UU4JMG – Andrey Kotovsky, RK7A – Andrey Zhukov, UR5MID – Serge Redkin, RU3UR – Mike Alekseev, UT5UY – Alexey Yakovlev (Co Team Leader), US0KW – Aleksandr Betsan, UX0LL – Alexandr Pavlenko, UA7A – Leonid Kashigin and US7UX – Oleg Evtushenko, a lot of them from our friend Russian Robinson Club.

Here is the detailed table of their operations:

  • TX7M from QTH: Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Isl. Dates: October, 19 till November, 1 2011.
  • TX5A (CQWWSSB) from QTH: Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Isl. Dates: October, 28 till October, 30 2011.
  • TX3T from QTH: Papeete, Tahiti. Dates: October, 16 till October, 19 and November, 1 till November, 4 2011.

All news and updates can be followed on their official website and Twitter channel

QSL will be sent FREE to MDXC Members also via our internal QSL-service

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3 Responses to “MDXC sponsor of TX7M, TX5A & TX3T Marquesas Is. 2011”

  1. IZ8BGY says:

    An International Team is on the final stage of preparation. The journey starts on 13th of Oct from Moscow to Kiev, and on 15th, flight to Tahiti via Paris and Los-Angeles.

    Team is consisting of Oleg R3FA, Alex UT5UY, Serge UR5MID, Michel FO5QB, Oleg US7UX, Mike RU3UR, Alex US0KW, Andy UU4JMG, Alex UX0LL, Andy RK7A, Leo UA7A will be active on all bands, all modes as:

    TX7M – October 19 ’til November 1, 2011 from Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Isl.
    TX5A – October 28 ’til October 30, 2011 from Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Isl. (for CQ WW SSB)
    TX3T – October 16 ’til October 19 and November 1 till November 4, 2011 from Papeete, Tahiti.
    Marquesas Islands FO/M is ranked #26 in EU and #36 in the World’s Most Wanted List (by statistics). The team will make a special attempt for LOW Band activity. The team invite organisations and individuals to make a donation towards the cost of this operation. TNX to everyone, who’ve supported already.

    Updates in real time (and online log) will be published on the official website.

  2. IZ8BGY says:

    20 Oct – TX7M starts the operation from Marquesas Isl OC-027
    Despite on strong wind, TX7M installed BiggIR and 160/80m antennas and started the operation same day, they came to Marquesas Isl OC-027.
    Dedicated antennas per bands and RX ones, planned to be installed after SR there.

  3. IZ8BGY says:

    01 Nov – TX7M is close to QRT
    TX7M left only one station with BiggIR until approx 15 UTC.
    After that the activity from Marcuesas Isl OC-027 will QRT.