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  1. Hi
    Good luck & enjoy the operation.
    Shalom to you all from the Holyland.
    73 de Isaac, 4Z1TL

  2. VK7XX John says:

    I look forward to seeing my callsign in your log. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course, even if this does not happen, I wish you all a ‘good expedition’.

  3. Howard VE2AED says:

    Best of luck , you chose the best propagation in the last 5 years …good planning Luis ๐Ÿ™‚

    Howard VE2AED

  4. 4Z5NU Dov says:

    Smooth operation, good luck and huge pile-ups.
    Shalom to all expedition members from Holyland.
    Dov 4Z5NU

  5. IZ8BGY says:

    very good log !!!!

  6. Pieter ZS6XT says:

    It was nice to work you on 10m today.
    Good luck and enjoy the pile-ups.


    Pieter ZS6XT

  7. YO4BTB,Virgil says:

    Good luck to all team.
    I hope this call will be on my digital collection.73!

  8. bob ve7epo says:

    Nice to qso with you. My 100w/dipole came thru! Trust you got my call sign ok. Tnx for the expedition.

  9. paul says:

    WOW 75% of Q’s are from EU…well done

  10. ralph j. napolitano says:

    i have a stroke, so pse be patient wit me. 9N1MM fr. moran when he had a brother that owned a gas stn. in river forest, il. and i lived in river grove, il. i used to handle phone patches with him !! even though nepal had no phone patches fr. moran did have permission wid the napalese gov.! i have wrked u on 20m. i just operate cw and my is 2 memory long!! so hve a great time. regards ralph W9LKJ

  11. ray says:

    thank you for being there ,it was a pleasure to work you for a new one , many thanks and best regards from glasgow,scotland

  12. Laurent PANIEN F6BBO says:

    Hello dear guys,

    Many tks for the 1st qso on 10m (new one in ssb), too nice, I do hope to catch you on 12m (ssb and cw),17m (cw) and 20m (cw); enjoy your trip
    Best of luck and 73
    Laurent F6BBO near Paris.

  13. Hans, k6faf says:

    88DXCC/33WAZ looks good, carry on that way.
    Thanks for being there
    Tnx for 15SSB.
    73 and best wishes from Hans, k6faf

  14. Jean-Luc F6BIV says:

    Good beggening: my 1st QSO on DIGI 30m a day after.
    GL to all . Best 73 to the team with many qso’s.
    Hpe Contact you soon F6BIV

  15. Jean-Luc F6BIV says:

    TNX for 1st qso . 73 to the Team F6BIV

  16. Theo says:

    Bedankt dat het mogelijk was dat ik jullie kon werken op 10 meter.
    En was verrast dat de opperator terug kwam voor mij in Neterlandse taal!
    Nog veel plezier toe gewenst met jullie dxpeditie.

    mvg Theo de PE1MPL

  17. jaya says:

    pse come on 40, 17&15 mtr band.

    good luck.



  18. Bhanu says:

    Hi, Good expedition with strong signals.
    Pse come on SSB on 40, 15&17 mtrs.
    Good Luck.

  19. Fred says:

    Thanks for fine DX QSO! Good Luck! Very good operation!
    73! RK9AA

  20. james-W8JV says:

    Already worked you on 20 CW, need 9N on plenty of other bands but whether I work you there or not. have a GREAT DX pedition. 73

  21. Thor, TF4M says:

    Hope to hear you on Top Band !

  22. Jose says:


    I am happy to inform that I have contacted your Dxpedition on 7 bands in CW and 5 bands in SSB till now. I hope to get you on some more places before you wind up. Many thanks for conducting your Dxpedition.

    Good Luck & 73


  23. Robert says:

    Very good sigs on 14mc Cw into Ca. U.S.A. at 0330Z our eve, Tnx QSO Bob KJ6CA.

  24. i0djv Aldo says:

    Bravissimi ragazzi !!! Complimenti x tutti.. speriamo di ascoltarci in 40 e 80 mt.
    Un abbraccio da Frascati e da tutto il Gruppo Radioamatori Aeronautica Militare Italiana.
    Firmate il registro se vi capita.. 73! Aldo i0djv Frascati Italia

  25. Ray W2RS says:

    Please, more CW. The website vote says that more people need Nepal on CW than SSB, but at this point the stats show that more QSOs have been made on SSB than CW. There’s lots of time left, so hopefully you’ll be able to work all who need it, on all modes.

  26. Luis EA1CS says:

    Good work, greetings to all the Team.

  27. SV2LLM says:

    I Hope to hear you on Top Band 73s Lazaros from north Greece GOOD LUCK .

  28. BD4UJ says:

    QSO I found my mistake, my call sign is BD4UJ, not BG4UJ, please help me change it back, the time is 17 22:11 Communications.
    Thank you 73!

  29. Jim says:

    Thank you for the short PSK31 QSO on 12 meters under my call-sign HS0ZHK…
    Hope to catch you agn on another band…
    vy 73 es GL..
    DJ2EI / HS0ZHK

  30. Danny AE9F says:

    Been chasing 9N for over 25 years with my 100 watts. Success!!! Thank you team.

  31. IT9RYK says:

    Ragazzi, finalmente una bella spedizione ITALIANA, state facendo un buon lavoro spero di sentirvi in tutte le bande, Possono dire quello che vogliono NOI siamo ITALIANI ciao !!!

  32. rizal paruhuman lubis says:

    Nice to qso with you on 20 m today.
    Good luck and enjoy your trip.
    73 and best wishes from Rizal,YB6PUP

  33. Wild Bill says:

    Hello 9N7MD Team
    GREAT job!!

    Thank you for the QSO so FAR!!!

    LOOK for you on the LOW bands…..


    Bill N2WB

    DX RULES!!

  34. Georghe says:

    Hi , we have a QSO in 14/11/2011 13:07UTC 0n 21mhz

    my call is va2eu…you have in 21mhz va2ev…do not exist this call sign in canadian callbook; verify please the time

    For the rest have a good time

    George, VA2EU


  35. JI3DST take says:

    TNX FB QSO 20m RTTY.
    But not up log.Pse chk log( 11:48 utc 19 Nov 2011)

  36. Arne LA7WCA says:

    I am sorry for my QSO on 17m SSB, I think it has been logged as LA7WAC ??, but that is no legal call in Norway. Good luck on exp. 73

  37. Mr. Roboto says:

    I am so frustrated! Been trying for days to reach you using only 100 watts ‘barefoot’ and a vertical. Time I could have spent with my children…

  38. Rob says:

    Sri, hard to copy here on 10/20 mtr in Holland.

  39. Russ WQ3X says:

    Was one of my ham radio high points and a real rhrill to work you on 10m on the long path early this morning. Thanks for sticking with me and getting my call OK.

  40. Joe AB7TJ says:

    Your online log is not showing our 40 mtr ssb qso at 15:06 utc on Nov-18-2011. Please check . Maybe entered as AB7T?. Thank you so much.

  41. Joe AB7TJ says:

    Your online log is not showing our 40 mtr ssb qso at 15:06 utc on Nov-18-2011. Because my call was logged as AB7JT. Please correct to AB7TJ. Thank you.
    Joe AB7TJ

  42. HOTANG YC0IEM says:

    nice DXpedition

  43. John Cardenas says:

    We like made contac with yours in Venezuela, South America. I will do. 73 and Good DX my friends. See you.

  44. Freddy says:

    Great Job friends, GL and thanks for the QSO’s

  45. Roberto PB5X says:

    Hello 9N7MD(CREW)

    Tnx 4 the QSO’s and i wish you guys a super DX pedition

    73 Roberto PB5X

  46. Tony N5UD says:

    Still looking for any QSO from down here in Texas. The best I have heard you was on 17M SSB. You were mostly working west coast. Signal peaked S7 at 0200 Z. Please listen for W5. We don’t get the same lengthy openings that east coast and west coast get to central Asia.

  47. Lele, IK2RGT says:

    Hello guys,
    hope you are Having fun!

    Ple.ase correct qso #21377: instead of IK2VGT, it’s me, IK2RGT, tnx

    P.S.: ciao trombino, datti da fare in rtty.


  48. Enzo iz8frh says:

    Ciao vi siete dimenticato di mettermi a log in 40 metri grazie buona fortuna a tutto il team da iz8frh op enzo 73

  49. CHRIS says:

    Thanks to the team for your efforts and giving many a new dxcc on 10m,still not showing in log yet?best wishes chris de GM4ZJI.

  50. iz0tkd-max says:

    Scusate, vi ho collegato il 20/11/11 alle 11,18 gmt -in 10 mt. ma no ho trovato conferma nel log potete controllare gazie e complimenti spero di contattarvi in altre bande ciao Max

  51. TA1AT naci says:

    Good luck to come easy

  52. Eugene RA0FF says:

    Guys, are not present you on 160! It is few activity!
    The big request to work on TOPbands more actively!

  53. Thanks oms for the operation , have a nice & safe come-back

  54. Raj says:

    It was interesting to work OM Marco this morning operation 9N7MD! I did not know about the DXpedition, Marco missed to fill me up, perhaps! Later through QRZ.com I came to know.
    I was wanting to log my qso but could not.
    Details: date:22-11-11; Time:0058-0102 UTC; Freq: 14196; Marco’s: 5,9 and I recd: 59.
    Equipments: FT757GX, barefoot into 2 Element Cubical Quad, about 60 W.
    73s Good luck

  55. Igor says:

    Was very glad to spend QSO with Nepal. Big to you thanks, all the kindest! I will try to find you and on other bands. 73! Igor (Kaliningrad)

  56. Ramon Toro says:

    Congratulations very good expedition thanks for the 1st contact in 20 meters good luck I was going to burst the eardrums Until Forever YV5HNJ Cracas Vzla.

  57. LUCIO says:


  58. Gary KA1J says:

    I love DXing and in my 32 years of DX chasing I have never once heard Nepal. That has changed and I am now in your On-the-air Logbook. My many thanks to 9N7MD you for your efforts, I only wish those of you on the Dxpedition could have had the chance to work Nepal that you kindly gave all of us. 73, KA1J

  59. Vasiliy UR3LSM says:

    Thanks for nice QSOs!!!! 73!!!!!

  60. Angelo says:

    Ciao , ragazzi complimenti per la Dxpedition, grazie per i QSO buona continuazione e cari saluti dall’ Italia ciao a tutti e buon lavoro.- cerea nรจ, Angelo.-

  61. John says:

    It sure would be nice to work you guys and 3 others for a clean sweep of 40M DXCC.
    (BS7,P5, and V8 are the others). Keeping my fingers crossed for any opening to east coast USA. If not this expedition I’m sure I’ll work someone there. BTW tu for new mode RTTY and band 12M. 73

  62. GM0DEQ says:

    Thanks for 10m CW & a new one.

    Safe trip home – well done.


  63. Stan says:

    any news about 160m?
    73, Stan – SP3IBS

  64. Arnaud F4DPT says:

    very good Job tnx

  65. Bob Polansky, N6ET says:

    Fantastic job! Best operation ever from Z22. Have safe trips to your homes after the operation is complete.

  66. Jose Ferreira says:

    Dear friends thanks for the qso grateful for shipping and good wishes for a return to QTH.

  67. lucio says:

    il giorno 22novembre 2011 ore 13:47 in 20 metri ho collegato 9n7md ma purtroppo si e’ sbagliato il nominativo invece che IN3EEF SUL LOG C’E’ IW3EEF

  68. Vasiliy UR3LSM says:

    Hello 9N7MD!!! Please confirm QSO(e QSLc.c).QSO-2011-11-21.12:31.12m.SSB.73!!!!

  69. william hopper says:

    i have no qsl card is it to early? ab6cf

  70. PETE SCOLA says:

    I am a little confused on the QSl routing. I used the OQES form, marked direst, but I did not donate. So how exactly will te card be sent? I could donate f it would be faster.



  71. iz8ccw says:

    if you askign qsl via oqrs and not send contribution , you reicved qsl via buro, or if you send your contribution the qsl manager send to you qsl imemdiately
    73’s Ant

  72. M.Kamiyama JH1HHC says:

    Thank you so much, I receved very beautiful QSL card yseterday.
    Good Luck all of Members.
    Thank you.

  73. Mr. Mark Murray says:

    I am writing with a request for instructions. I worked one of your fantastic operators on CW, on 22/11/2011, 10-meter CW, 13:19-UTC, but I am not yet in your on-line log, and I still need a QSL card. I am ready to send again my QSL card and green stamps, for a second time, but I wish to check with you first, via email. I know someone there was working on correcting the master log entry at your end, since I believe you at first copied my call sign as W2OA, instead of the correct W2OR, and someone was to correct the log. Please email me at W2OR (at) arrl (.net) to let me know. Thank you. And all the best, //

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