The 9N Trophy

If you’re still working on your DXCC and 9N is the “missing-one” in some slots, we are happy to help you reaching your GOAL! But if you are a real though boy (or girl!) and you are looking for something really changelling… we have the way to reward you!

There are four big awards for all the DXers. The competition is open to all operators and is intended to recognize your real skills and ability. We want to encourage CW, SSB and RTTY lovers in each mode as well as the one who will work us in the highest number of band and modes. Showing us that you care about us! hi!

Rules are really simple. Awards are even smarter!



CW A great Palm Radio mini-paddles for the first who will work us at least in 7 bands.



SSB An evergreen Heil Headset offered by CSY&SON for the first who will work us at least in 7 bands.



RTTY A high-quality digi interface made by I5XWW Crispino for the first who will work us in at least 5 bands.



MIXED For the firstย  who will work us in the highest number of bands and modes, an original T-shirt signed by all the Team Members and…

41 Responses to The 9N Trophy

  1. Warren Croke says:

    I need you on any band in any mode–as long as it’s one that will ‘count’ for a DXCC entity. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll be listening with hopes that we will hear each other well enough to make a valid contact.
    Be safe. Have fun. 73 es GL Warren, NW4C

  2. iz8ccw says:

    Hi Warren, we wait you in the pile-up
    GL Ant iz8ccw one of 9N team..

  3. Mauricio Mejia M says:

    Please, South america exist at the amateur radio world ,donยดt forget to Us.

    Mauricio HK3LGO

  4. iz8ccw says:

    Hola Mauricio, we colling for all friends in all parts of the world, We hope only to have a good condition of propagation for give to all the posisbility to have Nepal in all bands and all mode. All parts of the world is present in the team…
    We have 3 op. from South America …. cu in pile-up
    73’s Ant

  5. IZ8BGY says:

    Very Good Idea !

  6. IK8LOV - Max says:

    The online logbook, provided for 9N DXpedition, will show special tables developed for the Nine-November Trophy Award. Follow online if you’re the winner! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Fabio IK2LTR says:

    The Nine-November Trophy is a really interesting initiative! Will be a pleasure try to contact you more times for Mixed category. Have a nice conditions and enjoy in the pileup ! 73s de Fabio

  8. iz8ccw says:

    thanks Fabio, see you next week in MDXC world meeting 73’s Ant iz8ccw

  9. costa says:

    Nice Idea! CUL from 9N! IZ7GXB costa

  10. Godspeed and Thank You

  11. marcos says:

    congratulation for team.

  12. Bata-YT2AA says:


  13. Marcel says:

    Oh boy, what a enormous pile-up on 10m, I’m lucky that I came through.
    Thank you guy’s

    GL in Nepal
    73, de Marcel ON6UQ

  14. Really interesting,
    for all team

  15. theunis says:

    Hi wrkd u guys on 10 meter band now 4 the next six will listen on ssb cheers de zs2ec

  16. Guy Bouchard says:

    Awards chasing from ve2 seems impossible since the propation betweeen 9n et VE2 et pretty narrow but I’ll be thrill to try to contact the expedition every time I will hear you on a new band or mode.

  17. Dick Jugel K0DG says:

    TNX fer 20 mtr CW QSO 11/14/2011 @ 14:38Z – Good propagation from Nebraska over the North Pole & true 599 signal fm 9N7MD. Have fun, and gud DX to all!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. OD5NJ Gaby says:

    Nice to work you on 17m hopefully work you on 80m 160m ..73′

  19. Paul says:

    Please team can you claify some of the spots they are circulating on the DX clusters regarding
    9M permission to operate.
    Then you will silence them all from wrongfull spots and remarks

  20. Paul says:

    we also need you to listen for other countries apart from EU all the time on 10m as 5-15 KC split is far too great

  21. beto lu5fcv says:

    hola amigos gracias por permitirme contactar con ustedes , para mi ese es el trofeo , muchas gracias por estar . saludos beto lu5fcv

  22. Paul says:

    Please team can you claify some of the spots they are circulating on the DX clusters regarding
    9N permission to operate.
    Then you will silence them all from wrongfull spots and remarks

  23. iz3esv says:

    Hello Paul, we can assure all the friends that our license has been issued to our members at the MOIC in Kathmandu yesterday. We have fulllicence for ALL the HF bands and also for the 50MHz. CU in the pileups!

  24. tony says:

    Hi guys just worked you on 10m G1HJW.. Your doing a great job, been listening to the pile up for most of the morning once the band opened from you to the UK, took time but worth it for the new one for me and one new one towards DXCC.

    Hope to find and work you on another band, but for me just the one has made my day!

    Tony G1HJW

  25. EA5HEU says:

    Namaste, thanks for the contact.

  26. Vlado N3CZ says:

    Nice operation. Excellent operators on both SSB and CW. Looking for RTTY QSO ๐Ÿ™‚ 73 and GL!

  27. PJ7MF Marco says:

    Thank you for calling UP 5 for outside US, it was tough but you got my signal, GREAT EARS!

  28. WY7LL says:

    Just worked the team on 20 SSB…Been a Ham since 1984 & this is the first time for NEPAL….thank you all and hallauja !!!!

  29. Charlie says:

    Hi guys, Best of luck with the 9N dxpedition! I will try to work you this Thursday/Friday
    73s de TI2CDA

  30. Dave says:

    GREAT IDEA!! I will try my best. Worked you on 20M SSB last night. By the numbers makes it easier for us and for you to amass contacts.

    Best 73 and Good luck

    Dave K3FT

  31. Valentin says:

    I worked with 9N7MD 17.11.11 at 13:54 UTC 20M RTTY, but you copy my callsign as RV4LCH.
    Please correct – my callsign is RV4LC. 73 and see you on the other dands and modes!

  32. Ray E. Tillman says:

    Why such a big split? It is interfering with other QSO’s at 18.157.
    Were is your code of eithic?

  33. ben says:

    I would be happy if i could even hear you on one band.

  34. Dima says:

    Hallo . Thanks for the report. 59 from. Dxpedition Nepal 2011 , May name is Dima Please correkt May Coll is UA3IKI i wish you all the best and many DX Dima.

  35. Mick Power says:

    Gentlemen, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw your CQ as 9N7MD…. MY FIRST ever into Nepal and on PSK-31 with a simple Dipole at 3 meters above my roof… Tell me I’m not a Happy Chappie. KEEP up the GREAT WORK GUYS..look for you again, 73 Mick VK4NGW Brisbane Aust

  36. Fred, AF7S says:

    I’m happy just to have ONE contact in the logbook. So far, 17 is about the only band I’ve had decent reception on – enough to actually work you.

    Thanks for a great DXpedition.

    Fred, AF7S

  37. VK4KX, Bernie says:

    I would love to work you on any band for DXCC, and 10m has been good but getting through the European pile-ups on you is a hard task, you are there we can hear you in VK but wow it’s like listening to a chicken farm when you say “QRZ” !
    I will keep trying, patience is one of my many virtues…hi
    Well done guys it takes more effort to do an expedition than just sit in the shack and call CQ.

    73 from
    VK4KX Bernie,
    Charter member- Pacific Dxers.

  38. Mister Roboto says:

    It’s IMPOSSIBLE to work you! You move around way too much, and spend too much time on RTTY. I’ve wasted hours searching the spots for you, then listening, and you are barely heard, when you are at all. Have you devoted enough time to 10 or 15 meters? Anyway, I guess you really DO need 1000 watts, 6 elements, and a 100 foot tower to even have a chance….

  39. Steve K7KO says:

    I believe I have worked you four times, twice on CW and twice on phone. I see that you already have acknowledged the 17 meter phone contact. Amazing. 100 watts of raw USB power into a OCF Windom wire antenna at 50 feet in Oregon. I have to say that working you guys multiple times has been one of my greatest ham radio experiences in 49 years as a ham. Thanks for all your hard work! Steve

  40. Bo, SM2WOR says:

    I am very glad that i was able to work Nepal with my low-power equipment.
    Is ir possible that you change te entry for my QSO, i really want Nepal to be confirmed?
    Your online log says that SM4WOR had a QSO with 9N7MD, 15 m SSB on Nov 18.
    The correct enry should be: SM2WOR, 15 m (21.295), 07:55 UTC, Nov 18.
    I know that for sure because I can not find myself in your online log but I can find SM4WOR and that must be my entry because in Sweden nobody has the same suffix (WOR) as me.
    I really want Nepal to be confirmed, thats why… please… ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Hi Team,

    wow great job and very happy to have made 16qsos with you . It was hard work and thank you for your efforts.

    Regards Tommy vk2ir
    President of HARAOA

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