Dhulikhel is the smallest municipality of Nepal in terms of population. It is situated only 30 Km east of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal on the Araniko Highway in the lap of Greenwood and at an elevation of 1,550 meter above the mean sea level and along the ridge that separates the valley of Banepa and Panchkhal. It looks as if Dhulikhel is busy in conversation with the Himalayan range on the north with a beautiful smile. This might be the reason why many people call this places as the ‘Queen of the hills‘.

Dhulikhel has for many centuries been an important trading center on the ancient commercial route linking Nepal to Tibet. Since time immemorial, people of Nepa traveled to Tibet to bring home salt and gold. Still people talk gold mines at Lhasha, the capital of then Tibet. Likewise, the Tibetans every year with their flocks of sheep entered Nepal during Dashain, the greatest Hindu festival. They purchased chilies and other daily necessities in Nepal and returned to their homeland. The opening of the Araniko Highway, built with the grant assistance of the government of China in 1965 changed the life of Dhulikhel dramatically. First, the town became accessible to foreign tourists. Second, the people of Dhulikhel now found it easy to travel daily by bus, car and motorbike to Banepa and Kathmandu for shopping, education and employment. Recently, though the town has transformed itself into a tourists’ paradise with an array of all modern amenities. ‘Dhulikhel’ is well noted for its rich cultural antiquities. The local legend has it that the place derived its name from Newari word ‘Dhunkyo‘: ‘Dhun means ‘Tiger‘ and ‘Khyo‘ means ‘Playing Area‘,. – thus implying an ancient forest, where tigers used to play. Naturally enough till today, Dhulikhel remains a unique repository of Newar civilization – replete with numerous art and architectural monuments with a distinct local identity.


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  1. stuart says:

    Will try my best to have a qso with you chaps.All the best , 73,s Stuart zs6swd.

  2. iz8ccw says:

    Hi Stuart, thanks for your interest with our dxpedition, we hope you parteciped to 9N TROPHY
    ciao Ant iz8ccw

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    La Location mi sembra all’altezza !!
    Sono certo che arriverete con segnali robusti !!
    In bocca al lupo,noi siamo pronti !

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    Ciao Pino I8YGZ spero di sentirvi on air .
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    Ciao PINO,
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    un saluto a tutti……..Giampiero

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    Thanks for a new one…been chasing for many years!!!

  7. Jim N6KZ says:

    Great to hear and work 9N7MD on 20 meter CW last night. Very exciting! The op was very patient and had a good set of ears! Very 73 and safe trip home!

  8. Angelo says:

    Bravi, complimenti per la location, vi invidio……hi…hi…vorrei essere li con voi. Gia’ collegati su 2 bande cw. Grazie e bravi ancora. Angelo IK2CKR

  9. Thank´s for the new one good luck tp all and good dxing.Best regards from Porugal
    Joao CT2IOI

  10. Wow. I worked you from Oregon with 100 watts and a dipole at 50 feet on 17 meter USB on 11/20 2:43 UTC. Amazing. I can hardly believe it was possible. Thank you all for your hard work. Your web site is AWESOME! All my best, Steve K7KO

  11. oe3boa says:

    please grid locator? thanks, boris

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