The Team

Ant, IZ8CCW – Team Leader 1A3A (CQWW 2007), 1A4A, 5B/IZ8CCW (AS-004), 5B/IZ8CCW (AS-120), 8A3M (OC-250 new one), IB0DX (EU-045), ID8/IZ8CCW (EU-144), IT9/IZ8CCW (EU-025), IC8/IZ8CCW (EU-031), IL7M (EU-050), T70A (sept. 2008), J48MDC (EU-067), YB3ZES (OC-021), YB3ZES/P (OC-237), Z37M (CQWW 2009), Z38M, SU8GFTN (AF-101). MDXC #004.

Gabriele, I2VGW – Team Co-Leader VK9NR (OC-005), VK5ASK (OC-139), ID9/I2VGW (EU-017 ME-018), IH9/I2VGW (AF-018), IE9/I2VGW (EU-051), IG9/I2VGW (AF-019), 9A/I2VGW (EU-136 CI-12-46-58-82-96), F5VEK/P (Aguille du Midi, 3842 mts, JN35kv), (JN35ju, Nid d’Aigle, 2362 meters), (JN36la, Charamillon, 1850 meters ), TK/I2VGW, DK0FN (2003), TS7C (AF-073, World Digi Record Team on Dxped ), TM7CC (EU-065), IS0R, DU1/I2VGW (OC-128), TJ9PF (New World Rtty Record  Team on Dxped)  HB0/I2VGW, HB9IRC (Special call sign Radio Museum MonteCeneri) MDXC #279.
Ziv, 4Z4OQ – SSB Coordinator 

Ziv was introduced to shortwave radio at a young age by his father 4X4OQ. His first QSO was at age of 12 as 2nd operator… He got his own call sign in 1989.

Ziv is very active during contests.  On 2008 WPX SSB he was Asia 1st place and world 6th place.

This is Ziv’s first major expedition which he is vey exited about. MDXC #606.

Bernard, F9IE – CW Coordinator PX1IE, C31BC, FOØXE, XU7ABZ, 5R8PR, 5R8OP, 9M6TE, 9M6P, FY9IS, FGØP, FYØP, FRØP, TOØP, XW8FP, TO7C, 5H1C, XT2C, J5C, C56/F9IE, HC2/F9IE, HC4/F9IE, 6W7/F9IE, 6W8/F9IE, OA5/F9IE, OA6/F9IE, OA7/F9IE, FM/F9IE, FG/F9IE, FY/F9IE, J8/F9IE, 4S7/F9IE, TM5CHA, TM5BI, TM5N, TM5TBN, TM5Y, TMØPR, TV6YEU, LU/F9IE, CE8/F9IE, XF1/F9IE, XF3/F9IE, 9XØR, TS7C, SØ4R, E4X, F9IE/VK2-VK3-VK5/P. Contest-Op: TM2P, TM2Y, TM7C.
Luis, XE1L – Digi Coordinator 3Y0PI, 9M0M, S07L, TZ6RM, XF4L, XR0Y, XR0Z, XZ0A, 4K/XE1L, 4U/XE1L/ITU, 4U/XE1L/NY, 4U/XE1L/YK, 4X/XE1L, 6Y5/XE1L, 8P9/XE1L, C6A/XE1L, CE0/XE1L, CE3/XE1L, FM5/XE1L, FS5/XE1L, J6/XE1L, KH7/XE1L, KP4/XE1L, P4/XE1L, PJ2/XE1L, TG9/XE1L, TZ6L, VE7/XE1L, VP8CPJ, W/XE1L, W4/XE1L, XE0LCH, XE1LCH, XE1L/XF2, XE1L/XF3, XF3/XE1L, XZ1L, YV5/XE1L, ZD8/XE1L. Contest activity: 4A7L, 4A9LCH, 6D1LCH, 6D7LCH, 6H1L, 6J1L, W4/XE1L (Various IOTA), W4T (Dry Tortugas), XF0L, XF5L, XF6L, YW5L.
Tony, IZ2ESV (ex IZ3ESV) – Webmaster & ICT VK9LA (2009), HB0/IZ3ESV (2011). Contests and other: SK0TM, IO3T, I3GWE, 9A1P/P, IR3P, IQ3PN, IU4HQ, IK4MGP, IR4M, IK3MAS, IQ3RK, IY4FGM, HB9/IZ3ESV.
Pino, I8YGZ – Technical Supervisor IG9/I8YGZ, IH9/I8YGZ, ZA1/I8YGZ, ZA3/I8YGZ, ZA4/I8YGZ, ZA0/I8YGZ, JT1Y, JT3Y, JT6Y. MDXC #153.
Fabrizio, IZ2KXC – Logistics Supervisor MDXC #093.
Dov, 4Z4DX VK3JDX, M0DOV, JY8WW, ZC4DX, 5B4XX, TL8DX, ZF2AB, OK8DG, OM9ADX, 4X0AI (AS-100), 9N7DX (2003). MDXC #064.
Marco, CE6TBN CE0Z (SA-005 Jan. 2000, Oct. 2002), CE6TBN/7 Chiloe Is. SA-018 (Sep. 2000, Oct. 2001, Jan. 2005), CE6TBN/7 (SA-043 Mar. 2002, Mar. 2005), CE6TBN/p (SA-061 Aug. 2002, Feb. 2005), CE6M (SA-061 Jan. 2003), 3G1P (SA-085 Mar. 2003), 3G2D (SA-086 Nov. 2003), CE6TBN/8 (SA-091 Jan. 2004), CE6TBN/8 (SA-032 Jan. 2004), CE8A (SA-094 Feb. 2005), CE5S (SA-070 Feb.2006), XR1H (Lighthouse CHI-081 Aug. 2007), CE1W (CQWW SSB 2007), XR7W (SA-053 Feb. 2008), 3G1F (Lighthouse CHI-061 Aug 2008), CE1W (CQWW SSB 2008), CE6TBN/1 (Lighthouse CHI-065 Feb. 2009), 4T6I (SA-098 Apr. 2009), CE1W (CQWW SSB 2009), XR0Y (SA-001 Nov. 2009). MDXC #188.
Henri, F1HRE F6KPL, TS7C, TM7CC, IS0R.
Michel, F5EOT Active with the KOP Team as TS7C, TN7CC, TJ9PF. On air with the CDXG as TN0M, TM0B and TM0Z. Contesting with the F6KNB as TM0HQ, TM9R and TM0R.
Alberto, IV3BSY IV3BSY/P (EU-130), DL/IV3BSY, IQ1RY (WPX SSB 2011), UBA and ARI Contests 2011. MDXC #619.
Marco, IZ2GNQ Several Italian Castles Award and Italian Lakes Award references activations.
Sergio, IZ3NXC IU3AC, II3AC, IL3A, IQ3TR, IQ3TR/3. MDXC #625.
Adhi, YB3MM YC3MM, YD3BMB, YB3ZES (OC-021), YE9BALI (OC-022 Sep. 06), YB3MM/9 OC-022 (OC-022 Mar. 07, Mar. 08), YC3MM/5 (OC-075 2000-2003), YE5XMD (Apr. 03), YE32OB (Jul. 03), YC3MM/5 (OC-075 Jul. 01), YE5X (OC-075 Jul. 03), YC3MM/5 (OC-075 Sep. 03), YB3MM/5 (OC-143 Jul. 08), YB3MM/9 (OC-148 Dec. 08), YB3MM/9 (OC-150 Jul. 07), YB3MM/9 (OC-150 Jan. 08), YB3MM/2 (OC-186 Nov. 07), 8A3B (OC-197 Jun. 00), YC3MM/P (OC-197 Jun. 02), YE5M (OC-215 Dec. 05), YE3K (OC-217 Mar. 05), YB3ZMI ( Oct. 00, Dec. 00, Jul. 05), YC3MM/P (OC-237 Nov. 01, Jan. 02), YC3MM/M (Dec. 02, Mar. 04, Jul. 04, Nov. 05), YC3MM/5 (OC-245 Jun. 02), YC3MM/5 (OC-245 Jul.-Aug. 02), YE5A (OC-262 May 03). MDXC #021.
Pino, IZ8BGY – Pilot Station for Europe & RotW MDXC#001.  

During the DXpedition please contact only our Pilot, Pino IZ8BGY. He will have updates and news from the Team daily. We probably will not have any internet access!
(email link above)

Don, N1DG – Pilot Station for North & South America For all the friends in NA & SA we are honoured to be assisted by Don, N1DG. Please contact him for any request about our operations.
(email link above)

36 Responses to The Team

  1. Victoria says:

    You go Marco !!! Very good luck guys !!

  2. Fabio says:

    Good luck guys, we are waiting on air ! 73s

  3. iz3esv says:

    Hi Viki!!!! I am also one of the guys as you can guess… back again on the other side of the pile-up two years after VK9LA… A hug from me and Maddalena, too!
    Tony ESV

  4. Victoria sv2kbs says:

    TONYYYYY !!!! OMG !!!!!! That was a double hit !! I send you my sincere, wholehearted wishes to have a fun and successful dxpedition to that exciting country !!!! Especially to my friends Marco and Tony !!!! Will be listening – I’m very proud of you guys !!
    VY 88

  5. iz3esv says:

    Thank you so much Viki!!! We are delighted to have you here in these pages… keep staying tuned! A great cuddle!!! Tony

  6. Roger says:

    Good DX to the team! I have never heard Nepal in over 5o years on the air, so hopefully conditions will be good all over! 73, Roger W5RDW

  7. i2vgw says:

    Tu so much Roger,
    Really hope to catch you in the pile up
    Best 73 de Gabriele I2VGW and the terrific Nepal Team

  8. Ismael says:

    Hello Luis

    Nice to see you in this dxpedition

    Hope to work you and the Team, some difficult, but better than nothing trying.
    Have fun and my best wishes all be succed
    73 de Ismael xe1ay

  9. Tony N5UD says:

    Listen for weak stations from Texas. Still trying to get a QSO with 9N from my mobile. I have heard 9N a few times this year, but can’t break the pile-ups. 20M seems to be best from here. I wonder if 30M CW would work near your sunrise ?

    73 and have some fun

  10. iz8ccw says:

    Hi Tony,
    we hope recived your signal form mobile station. Our focus is to have a more number of unique call in the Log.
    see you in the pile-up
    73’s Ant

  11. Dennis N0SMX says:

    I have never heard Nepal on the air in 20 plus years as a Ham… Very exciting… Im ready for this one………Best of DX to the team….

  12. iz8ccw says:

    Hi Dennis, we hope listen you on many bands and many modes.
    GL Ant IZ8CCW

  13. F5VHQ - John says:

    All the best to the great team.

    Looking forward to working you on many bands.

    Have fun!

    73 de John

  14. I2VGW,Gabriele says:

    Un grand Merci John!

    Nous ouvrirons yeux et oreilles

    pour pêcher ton call sign dans le pile up

    Comme nous disons, mon ami:

    Go go go!

    Ciao de Gabriele

  15. VK7XX John says:

    like many throughout the world, we in VK (especially way down south here) hope to hear your sigs and occasionally break through for a contact.

    All the best for your DXexpedition.

  16. Danilo Lara XQ4CW says:

    good luck my friends, XQ3SA and CE6TBN are my friends, I hope you have a lot of QSO´s

    73 Dan,XQ4CW

  17. Alain F6ENO says:

    Hi boys,

    Good luck for this nice DXpedition
    Hope to get you in the pilups, specially in SSB… oh sorry, I don’t know where is my microphone…
    Bernard, Gabriele, Henri, Michel, Eric, la France, la Belgique et le KOP team vous regardent….

    73 Alain F6ENO

  18. F4AJQ says:

    salut les copains


    bonne XP et des milliers de qso

    73 frank F4AJQ

  19. Hans, k6faf says:

    go, Go, GO further in the same way you started.
    Your DXpedition may set a new mark in the Most Wanted List.
    Go for it, eliminate 9n from the 100 list.
    Thanks for 15m contact!
    73 de k6faf, Hans

  20. Alex says:

    Congratulations and goodluck to everybody! Nice Dxpedition! all the best!

  21. Dave says:

    Your the luckest guys in the world….would you please consider working General freqs US before you leave…good luck & enjoy…N8ODF….73

  22. Tim says:

    Please try long path to NA east coast on 12 meters 1330-1500 utc. Looks like best chances for a 12 meter contact here.
    Thanks & wish you much success.
    Tim – N3XX

  23. Bob Polansky, N6ET says:

    So far, a fantastic operation. Keep up the fine work!

  24. Hi,
    thanks for the first CW QSO today on 12m.
    Best wishes to the whole Crew,
    Wilf – dj6tk –

  25. John K7KB says:

    Thanks guys for my first QSO with Nepal and a new one with my new beam 🙂 I’ve worked you on SSB on 20M and 15M CW. I tried to get you on RTTY last night but I couldn’t break through the pileup. I’ll keep trying 🙂 You have a great operation, and I wish you safe travels when you go back home.

    John K7KB

  26. John K7KB says:

    I was finally able to get through on 20M RTTY last night. YAY! Thanks guys. Now my goal is to try and work you on a few more bands. 10 meters would be sweet, but I don’t think the MUF will support that to the West Coast yet. Perhaps when you go back in a couple of years 😀

  27. Jim says:

    Thank you for activating NEPAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DJ2EI / HS0ZHK

  28. Paul N5PG says:

    Tnx first ever 9N QSO after 48yrs QRV! 73

  29. HOTANG YC0IEM says:

    Nice DXpedition and Good Luck and new one in 40 meters

  30. rizal paruhuman lubis says:

    Hi Adhi,
    Nice to see you in this DXpedition.
    Best of dx to the team
    73 and best wishes.

  31. Craig N6ED says:

    Great job on high bands to NA!!
    Please try 40m each morning 1330 to 1500 UTC for W6/7.



  33. Jim - W0EB says:

    Nice to see activity from Nepal again. Used to work Father Moran, 9N1MM many years ago when I was living in Japan.
    I hope the one QSO I made with 9N7MD on RTTY last evening was real and not a pirate station.
    Wishing you a very safe journey back to your homes.

    Jim – W0EB

  34. Juan Antonio says:

    Consulting the log of 9N7MD I see that I am not in 21 CW and 24 RTTY can say to me for that I am not in the log.?
    I did the contacts on the 23rd.
    Thank you very much.

  35. Fred Rollo says:

    Hi Guys,
    I made a contact with 7n9md on nov. 11,2011 at 2:25 Z on 17 meters ssb,however the call
    was incorretly logged as n0jbd, J rather than I, n0jbd rather than n0ibd. There is not an
    nojbd in the QRZ database! I want to ask you to please correct your log to show the correct
    callsign. Thanks to all of you for your effort!
    73 n0ibd Fred Rollo

  36. iz8ccw says:

    sorry dear but i think you worked a other station.. becouse 9n7md is not on air in date 11 november, we start our activity in date 13
    regards Ant

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