QSL Status

This is a preview of the 9N7MD QSL-card.



We will receive QSLs from the printing service in the last week of January. Shipping will begin in February.

Please remember to ask for your QSL card via usual ways and OQRS, even for the Bureau system.

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OQRS system

Please pay attention: our QSL manager IK2VUC, received many requests form of OQRS without Call.

So Please DO NOT FORGET to insert your call in the Online Qsl Request.  Thanks

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Online Log and missing QSOs

Almost all the members of the team are arriving back home in these hours, after a long journey. The station went QRT in the early UTC hours of the 24th November as expected. Any kind of comment or consideration about the operations in Nepal will follow soon.

We see that a lot of operators do complain about their missing slots on the Online Log. We would like to make clear that the Online Log is a service we put on the website with the simple aim to provide a clear communication system with the DX community. Hence, the online log is just the ROUGH log from the PCs used during the expedition, without any kind of claim to be precise or error-free. Mistyping or bad calls are a common issue when pile-ups are thick and operators have to cope with that. Thus, the online log IS NOT the official log of the expedition.

We invite all the friends to send their confirmations request to the QSL Manager, by post mail or OQRS as usual. He will put his last word on every QSO after a deep check of the entries. If anyone has complaints or doubts please get in touch with him. We cannot do anything if someone do send comments here as the Web Team does not have the whole log in hands.

Thank you for cooperating and best 73s!


The 9N7MD Team

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Proud to provide for your missing QSO

DX activity is going according to plan. The Team is working hard on all bands/modes in order to offer the best chances to contact 9N and check your empty slots. Their motto is:


Proud to provide for your missing QSO


I’d love to get you guys on 10 and 12 phone before your shut down. Your station was strong here last week, but I was not home and missed the opening.I believe I got you on 30m CW earlier today (22 November ~ 22:28 utc). I keep checking the on-line log with crossed fingers.

Again thanks to all for the 9N7MD contacts and your efforts.

Best 73, w7xc


Thanks for 7 band QSO. I need now 80m. I heard your sigs two day ago, about 18:00Z, RST 559. Sorry, this evening I do not hear yor sigs on 80M. Where are you? – RV4LC


Couldn’t believe you heard me on 18. I was using a sloping dipole at 40 feet. Sure made this 84 year old man happy. Good DX and good luck. – W2MPK


I love DXing and in my 32 years of DX chasing I have never once heard Nepal. That has changed and I am now in your On-the-air Logbook. My many thanks to 9N7MD you for your efforts, I only wish those of you on the Dxpedition could have had the chance to work Nepal that you kindly gave all of us. 73, KA1J


Looking for you on 160M. The openings are short. Is it posible around your sunset (e.g., around 1130z)? 73/DX – Pete N0FW


Need 10M, 12M & 40M. Best to try CW. Thanks for new 17M and RTTY mode. Best 9N DXpedition ever!! Congratulations!! – K8SM


Congratulations very good expedition thanks for the 1st contact in 20 meters good luck I was going to burst the eardrums Until Forever YV5HNJ Cracas Vzla.


Great DXpedition. I have never heard a Nepal station in all my 50 years of ham radio. What a thrill to work you three times on different bands! 73, Roger W5RDW


I would love to work you on any band for DXCC, and 10m has been good… VK4KX


160m ordinary propagation has been very poor however XU7ACY from zone 26 i sbooning in here every day from 11:00 to 1130z, SSW. If you can be active 30m min early from 11:00z to 11:30z, we may get US east coast in the log on 160m. Congratulation for all hard work you guys are doing for us. 73 N4IS

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It’s such a good day for a group shot!

Everybody posed for the ritual group shot.

The Team is evidently relaxed and satisfied for the DXpedition developments. Activity is very intense expecially on unusual bands and modes, such as 160m, 80m, 40m, RTTY…


Rather than the absolute number of QSOs, they’re focusing their efforts on giving new chances to work 9N on all bands and all modes.

A good occasion for those who need the Himalayan entity in some slots of their logs.


Still looking for any QSO from down here in Texas. The best I have heard you was on 17M SSB…Please listen for W5. We don’t get the same lengthy openings that east coast and west coast get to central Asia. – N5UD

Great DXpedition. I have never heard a Nepal station in all my 50 years of ham radio. What a thrill to work you three times on different bands! 73 – Roger W5RDW


Guys, please more time stay on 160m before your SR (0040z) – RA3XDX




If you need 9N in a particular band and/or mode, please comment here for a sked!

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