Plots below show propagation trends between two points.
In our case, one point is 9N7MD – Nepal – and the other one is a different macro-area selected among the most representatives in the world such as Europe, USA, Japan, S.America, Australia… et cetera.

All plots are provided by Max IK8LOV, the propagation analyst of DX World.































4 Responses to Propagation

  1. Scott says:

    Hope to work you for an all time new one, would be #331 for me. Don’t know why 9N has proven so difficult for me!

  2. David says:

    I was surprised to hear you so well on 12M at 08:00 from Gi, though by the time I worked you the path was closing. Great to have 9N in the log at last

    GL & best 73

  3. Siegfried says:

    Leider sind die SSB Verbindungen in Deutschland nur sehr schwach. Ich wünsche der DX-Pedition weiterhin viel Erfolg !
    GL and beste 73

  4. Edwin, WP3DZ says:

    I need the propagetion hours for Caribbean Area and West Indies, please……

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