recived today the photo of team of PJ5/OJ8R. QSL is ok via our QSLSERVICE.


We recived the beautiful QSL designe of SV8/SV1EJD

5H1MD first photo recived

we have recived the first photo from Andrea. all info on official site www.mdxc.org/5h1md


Andrea, IZ1MHY will be active from Zanzibar, Tanzania as 5H1MD between September 28 to October 04, 2014. QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB/Digi. QSL via H/c. Official site www.mdxc.org/5h1md for MDXC service is actived the QSL SERVICE


We recived photo from IQ3VO Team,  actived as 9A/IQ3VO from Porer Lighthouse, team members: I3VJW, IK3JBP, IK3SCB, I3JRF, IW3ICK, IZ3JKI, IW3ILP, IU3BXI

TY1AA Photo

We recived yesterday phtoo from TY1AA team, we rememebr to all memebrs the QSL of this dxpeiditon is possible asking via QSL SERVICE. 73’s MDXC H.Q.

8° World Meeting 21-22 February 2015

21-22 February 2015, at concomitance of 13° international “HAMRADIOSHOW” exhibition in Napoli (ITALY) www.aripompei.it there is the 8° World Meeting of MDXC. SPECIAL THANKS TO A.R.I. POMPEI for the opportunity.

We are sure you will not miss this double event

In data 21-22 Febbraio 2015, in occasione della 13^ fiera mercato HAMRADIOSHOW di Napoli (www.aripompei.it) si terrà il meeting mondiale del gruppo. Visto la conomitanza dei due eventi, speriamo di vedervi numerosi. Maggiori informazioni presto


for any info can you write to mdxc@mdxc.org

download the Brochure / Scarica la Brochure informativa

 arrlveDate: Feb 21 2015  Time: 9:30 AM (Walk-ins allowed)
Contact: Angelo Marcone
(389) 599-5959
Email: IK8VRQ@GMAIL.com


Members of the Italian DX Team will be active from Benin as TY1AA between September 11-26, 2014. QRV on 160-6m.

Official web-site

MDXC is one of the sponsors – qsl is ok via QSLSERVICE


we recived the fiel of VP2MPX qsl.



Macao XX9TYT

Andrea IK7YTT is again actived from Macao. 4 to 8 Septemberm with utrabeam antenna, acom 1000 amplifire, 10 to 40m, spedial focus on 40mt, entry also on Asia Contest.


Giovanni IZ2DPX is active from Monserrat isl. as VP2MPX.

18 Aug.2014: good conditions for Europe on 18MHz.
19.Aug.2014: more than 3500 QSO, good opening on 24MHz for USA.
20 Aug.2014: the first 1000 1qso have a little time problem, is possible you not see your QSO on LOTW, Give 2 days and we resolve all.
21 Aug.2104: bad condition of propagation today, raining ne bad time.
23 Aug.2014: Giovanni closed with 4500 QSO, now is on the road for return. We have a complete story in next month.

TX4A Matthew Island

Cezar (VE3LYC) and Bob (KD1CT) will attempt to operate from Matthew Is. (OC-218) for 4 days between Sep 1 and 9, 2014. They will maintain one station on the air around the clock, operating on all bands from 10 to 40 m, CW and SSB.