HP2/IK5RUN & I5OYY QSL card preview

We are pleased to see you, the QSL card will receive all those who have connect the DXpedition HP2/IK5RUN and HP2/I5OYY.

Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.


VK9MT Story

VK9MT – Mellish Reef 2014

Gene Spinelli K5GS mdxc#852

Mellish Reef Location

Mellish Reef is an uninhabited coral atoll in the Coral Sea located approximately 1,150 kilometers north-northeast of Brisbane, Australia. The reef itself is approximately 10km long by 3km wide. However, the only useable land mass is “Herald’s Beacon”, a small sand cay which stands two meters above the high water line. Read more »

7Q7VW – Malawi

After the good experience of 9L0W – Sierra Leone (assisted & sponsored by MDXC), Karl DK2WV is ready for a new experience again in Africa. His new target is Malawi where will be active with Heino – DJ9AF, from Karonga as 7Q7VW from May 6 to 21, 2014. Bands and modes: 160 to 6m, CW/SSB/RTTY.

MDXC set up their OFFICIAL WBSITE and follow Karl and Heino during their operations from Africa. As always, for MDXC Members is available our free internal QSL service.

CU8/CU3AK qsl ready

We have received update info from our member Jaime CU3AK: the qsl for EU-089, Flores island is ready. So any member worked Jaime can now ask qsl via our internal QSL SERVICE

IC8ATA tour 2014

Raul IC8ATA,  start 27 April from Las Palmas for 2014 trous , with Boat “LULU’” Oceanis 381.
Raul well be active as /MM, /EA8,  /CN, /ZB, /EA, /I.  QSL VIA Home Call. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2014.

Lesotho 2014

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of Lesotho 2014 . Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2014.


More information on the official website.

FT5ZM Story

Answer : K9CT


1) Hello Creig, in recent months we’ve seen two hero’s Most Wanted, as it was passing by the magnificent colors of the atoll of Wake to ‘inhospitable Amsterdam?

Both dxpeditions were well planned and successful by most measures. The teams were very good and the opportunity to be involved with two highly desired DXCC entities was a pleasure.

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Moxon Costruction

Born the first APP for calculations to build Moxon antenna, by IZ8WLZ Nino MDXC #234.

Link for iPhone:
Link for  iPad:
download is posssble also via APP STORE



Thanks to Nino for Exclusive.

Panama Tour

IK5RUN & I5OYY will be actived as HP/homecall from Panama. Date of tour is 15 MArch  – 2 april, in this date Simone and Danio try to active many IOTA reference in Panama (sure NA-170 and NA-202 but try to active others). Condition is Kenwood TS-480 (200w), Icom IC-7000, vertical and dipole antenna. For MDXC memebers qsl via qsl service, others via IK5RUN or OQRS , official site www.ik5run.it/hp2.html also LOTW after 3 months.

K9W Story

by: IZ7FLP

Thanks: Lou N2TU

1)First compulsory question: how did you get the necessary permissions to organize a
so important dx-pedition from one of the most wanted entities in the Pacific Ocean ?

Being rather naïve at this DXpeditioning game, I asked around and was basically told that most of the top 15 Most Wanted could not be arranged for political, economic and environmental reasons. Looking down the list, I spotted Wake Island. Wake’s World War ll history had always intrigued me so I began the “quest”.

Researching these days is quite easy with the internet, although a lot of the information is outdated and inaccurate. Information on Wake Island’s history is well documented but how to get permission to visit is clouded with misinformation and dead ends. The first few months were an exercise in futility. My desk was littered with “no longer my job, talk to this person”, “try this Governmental department”, “can’t help you and I don’t know who can” letters. Going through channels would be the appropriate route but there weren’t any appropriate channels defined! The sum result of this effort was that Wake Island is now a USAF military base and access would have to be granted by them. It was a start! Read more »

XT26DJ & XT2FCJ: QSL card and story

The Mediterraneo DX Club was a sponsor.

T2 Burkina Faso story idea come to our mind with usual “Where do we go next” after our return from Albania ZA. As we both David Ok6DJ and Petr OK1FCJ are budget airlines travelers we started to look after cheap flights to relatively rare destinations. End of 2012 and first 5 months of 2013 it was S21 Bangladesh where we could make trip not so expensive. Regrettably our Facebook contacts to S21 were not reliable and stopped communication after few months. In that time we have already paid for Visa there. It was wasting of money.

May this year suddenly announced Turkish Airlines special promotion rates to flights to Burkina Faso from Prague. I knew it is rare DX destination, but had no exact clue where it is situated. West Africa sounded like a DX dream for first moment. Only for initial one. Purchasing airline ticket everything started, biggest challenge was valid permission to operation. We started to communication with local HAM radio association which representative was very helpful and from very beginning told us we can get XT2 license in time. It took another 4 months till middle of October till we received green scanned licenses. A further one we have to arrange our vaccinations. It was not inexpensive story. Last 3 months I had to regularly visit Czech vaccination center to have all recommended injections. Wives started to worry too, of course Burkina Faso is not Europe DX land.

See the complete Story of dxpedition


Andrea, IZ1MHY MDXC #055, will be active from Praslin isl IOTA AF-024, Seychelles as S79MHY between October 9-17, 2013.
QRV on SSB-CW and Digi modes. 10 to 160 mt
QSL via H/c. more information, log online etc. on officiale web site http://www.mdxc.org/s79mhy/ the log will be updated based to conditions of internet conenction on the island.

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a supportof  S79MHY Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.