Moxon Costruction

Born the first APP for calculations to build Moxon antenna, by IZ8WLZ Nino MDXC #234.

Link for iPhone:
Link for  iPad:
download is posssble also via APP STORE



Thanks to Nino for Exclusive.

Panama Tour

IK5RUN & I5OYY will be actived as HP/homecall from Panama. Date of tour is 15 MArch  – 2 april, in this date Simone and Danio try to active many IOTA reference in Panama (sure NA-170 and NA-202 but try to active others). Condition is Kenwood TS-480 (200w), Icom IC-7000, vertical and dipole antenna. For MDXC memebers qsl via qsl service, others via IK5RUN or OQRS , official site also LOTW after 3 months.

K9W Story

by: IZ7FLP

Thanks: Lou N2TU

1)First compulsory question: how did you get the necessary permissions to organize a
so important dx-pedition from one of the most wanted entities in the Pacific Ocean ?

Being rather naïve at this DXpeditioning game, I asked around and was basically told that most of the top 15 Most Wanted could not be arranged for political, economic and environmental reasons. Looking down the list, I spotted Wake Island. Wake’s World War ll history had always intrigued me so I began the “quest”.

Researching these days is quite easy with the internet, although a lot of the information is outdated and inaccurate. Information on Wake Island’s history is well documented but how to get permission to visit is clouded with misinformation and dead ends. The first few months were an exercise in futility. My desk was littered with “no longer my job, talk to this person”, “try this Governmental department”, “can’t help you and I don’t know who can” letters. Going through channels would be the appropriate route but there weren’t any appropriate channels defined! The sum result of this effort was that Wake Island is now a USAF military base and access would have to be granted by them. It was a start! Read more »

XT26DJ & XT2FCJ: QSL card and story

The Mediterraneo DX Club was a sponsor.

T2 Burkina Faso story idea come to our mind with usual “Where do we go next” after our return from Albania ZA. As we both David Ok6DJ and Petr OK1FCJ are budget airlines travelers we started to look after cheap flights to relatively rare destinations. End of 2012 and first 5 months of 2013 it was S21 Bangladesh where we could make trip not so expensive. Regrettably our Facebook contacts to S21 were not reliable and stopped communication after few months. In that time we have already paid for Visa there. It was wasting of money.

May this year suddenly announced Turkish Airlines special promotion rates to flights to Burkina Faso from Prague. I knew it is rare DX destination, but had no exact clue where it is situated. West Africa sounded like a DX dream for first moment. Only for initial one. Purchasing airline ticket everything started, biggest challenge was valid permission to operation. We started to communication with local HAM radio association which representative was very helpful and from very beginning told us we can get XT2 license in time. It took another 4 months till middle of October till we received green scanned licenses. A further one we have to arrange our vaccinations. It was not inexpensive story. Last 3 months I had to regularly visit Czech vaccination center to have all recommended injections. Wives started to worry too, of course Burkina Faso is not Europe DX land.

See the complete Story of dxpedition


Andrea, IZ1MHY MDXC #055, will be active from Praslin isl IOTA AF-024, Seychelles as S79MHY between October 9-17, 2013.
QRV on SSB-CW and Digi modes. 10 to 160 mt
QSL via H/c. more information, log online etc. on officiale web site the log will be updated based to conditions of internet conenction on the island.

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a supportof  S79MHY Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.


1000+ MDXC Facebook page followers

This is for all our awesome 1000+ Facebook fans! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We just reached 1000+ Facebook fans. This is why we would like to say a special thank you to all our fans, friends, followers and readers.

QSL card preview: H44S & H44AJ

Here is a preview of the OC-285 QSL-card that our Members will receive directly by mail as soon as the manager be able to process requests, thanks to our QSL Service. The Mediterraneo DX Club was a sponsor of H44S & H44AJ.

ZL9HR – Campbell Is. Dxpedition 2012 – Upgrade

We receive and publish new relaese :

Thanks for your interest in ZL9HR Campbell Island DX-pedition.

Everything is on schedule; the team is excited and ready to begin their journey to New Zealand. Team members will begin arriving in Invercargill, NZ on November 22. The majority of our equipment arrived at a storage facility in Invercargill on Oct 18.

Current Schedule:

November 23 – the equipment will be taken to the NZ Department of Conservation (DoC) Quarantine Inspection station.

November 24 – everything will be unpacked and inspected; including personal items, once inspected everything will remain at the station until departure.

November 25 – the team returns to the inspection station for DoC briefings on: safety, landing permit conditions and working around the islands wildlife.

November 26 – the team again returns to the DoC inspection station for inspection of personal items not processed on Nov. 24. Read more »

V63XG: Yap Island

Haru Uchida JA1XGI will be active between 5th to 12th December 2012 as V63XG from YAP isl. – Micronesia – IOTA #OC-012. Haru is actived 10 to 40 mt. and 6 mt. in any modes. QSL info and further news on his official website (provided by MDXC)

We are also pleased to see that the logo of the  V63XG has been created by our member and graphic designer of MDXC IZ8WLZ #234

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of V63XG. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Enrico Gardini, Franco Zecchini, Mate Caljkusic, Giuseppe Villa, Gianfranco De Ascaniis, Dario Rinzivillo, Sebastian Occhipinti.

I4GAD – MDXC #782 Enrico Gardini from Monteveglio (Bo), Italy;

I5JFG – MDXC #783 Franco Zecchini from Agliana Pistoia (Pt), Italy;

9A6OY – MDXC #784 Mate Caljkusic from Croatia;

IK2YXP – MDXC #785 Giuseppe Villa from Biassono (Mb), Italy;

I6COJ – MDXC #786 Gianfranco De Ascaniis from Montesilvano (Pe), Italy;

IT9ZZO – MDXC #787 Dario Rinzivillo from Catania, Italy;

IK2WZM – MDXC #788 Sebastian Occhipinti from Rozzano (Mi), Italy.

XX9TYT: photo, log-check and statistics

Finally Andrea returned from Macao. Here are the photos and some statistics on his experience in the CQWW Contest. We remind you that in the official website is now available the online log-check in the following page.

Mind that the first announced call XX9TTT hasn’t been assigned. The call received by the local Telecommunication Autorities has been XX9TYT


This is the beautiful QSL of YE9IOTA, DXpedition from Gili Trawangan isl, printed by our friend and member IT9EJW #018.

Many Member sof MDXC are present in the team.  the official site is, QSL via YB9BU.

We are also pleased to see that the logo of the  YE9IOTA has been created by our member and graphic designer of MDXC IZ8WLZ #234

Read more »