CN2YZ Morocco DXpedition

From the month of March until the end of 2012, Florent F4CYZ will be QRV from Morocco as CN2YZ. During his stay in the African Country he’ll be active expecially in the weekends from Tanger.

Florent is an MDXC Member (#141). Mediterraneo DX Club is supporting his activities by a website (log-check included) at this url where will be available all info and news from CN-land.

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members Jose M. Molero, Claudio Tiziani, Marco Cattaneo, Sergio Polverino, Claudio Moscatelli, Mario De Nicola, Stanislao Pecora, Juri Gherardi, Sergio Contu, Matteo Marangon.

EB5BBM – MDXC #679 Jose M. Molero from Elche Spain;
HB9OAU – MDXC #680 Claudio Tiziani from Caslano Switzerland;
HB9EUY – MDXC #681 Marco Cattaneo from Montegrino Valtravaglia (VA) Italy;
IW9FSGMDXC #682 Sergio Polverino from Messina Italy;
IK0ZIO – MDXC #683 Claudio Moscatelli from Guidonia (RM) Italy;
IZ8GEL – MDXC #684 Mario De Nicola from Palma Campania Italy.
IZ8JCX – MDXC #685 Stanislao Pecora from Rose (Cs) Italy;
IZ4OSG – MDXC #686 Juri Gherardi from Calderara di reno (BO) Italy;
IZ3SSB – MDXC #687 Matteo Marangon from Mirano (Ve) Italy;
IK2SNN – MDXC #688 Sergio Contu from Solbiate (Co) Italy.

Malyj Vysotskij Island is a Deleted Entity for the DXCC

It’s official: the Malyj Vysotskij Island is now added to the DXCC deleted entities list.
Maly Vysotsky is located in northwest Russia and has been leased to Finland. In 1963 a treaty signed by Soviet Union and Finland leased the island to Finland for fifty years.

Here is the full article published on the ARRL website:

According to the Finnish Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Saimaa Canal Treaty between Finland and Russia has been finalized by relevant Finnish and Russian authorities through ratification.

The Treaty has entered into effect with a date of February 17, 2012. Read more »

Macau DX-Perience 2012

Between May 17 and 23, 2012 will be on air from Coloane Island (IOTA AS-075) – Macau – a Team of Spanish (more one French at the moment) operators.

The MDXC is a sponsor of XX9 DXpedition and will offer, as always, the internal QSL SERVICE for all regular Members.

The Team

XX9 Macau Team is made up 9 operators: EA5BZ – Ruben Navarro (Team Leader) EA5CEE – Pasqua Navarro EA6DD – Biel Maimó EB5BBM – Jose M. Molero F5VLY – Adrian Green EA1ACP – Jose M. Delgado EA5FX – J. Fernando Conde EA7FTR – Francisco Liañez EB7DX – David Liañez Read more »

Little memories of Malpelo DXpedition 2012

The adventure of this great DXpedition is over. We want to remind to all Members that requests for HK0NA QSL, via our internal QSL service are accepted until February 24, 2012.
Don’t forget to send your request in time: belated requests will not be processed.

Meanwile here is a nice gift from HK0NA: a picture showing our flag… another important DXpedition waving the flag of MDXC!

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members Andrea Porotto, Salvatore Sasso, Ruggero Ghisolfi, Davis Thomas, Alessandro Merolli, Andy Morelli Jr.

IZ1PNT – MDXC #262 Andrea Porotto from Fresonara (Al) – Italy;

IC8SQS – MDXC #330 Salvatore Sasso from Ischia is. (Na) – Italy;

IK2PZC – MDXC #674 Ruggero Ghisolfi from Novate Milanese (Mi) Italy;

K4CA – MDXC #675 Davis Thomas from AL  U.S.A;

IW0HQE – MDXC #676 Alessandro Merolli from Rome Italy;

AB8BT – MDXC #677 Andy Morelli Jr. from MI U.S.A.

St.Paul Island, CY9M 2012

We are pleased to announce a new DXpedition to CY9MSt. Paul Island. Here is the announcement published on, that we quote integrally.

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of the DXpedition and will follow them during all the adventure. As usual QSL service will be available for all of our regular Members

St Paul Island is called the ”Graveyard of the Gulf” and that is where an international, seasoned team of DXers will be heading to later this year.

Plans are well under way for a 10-man team to activate this now wanted DXCC entity, which was last on air in 2005. When you consider most needed entities (perhaps out with the Top 10) are activated every five years or so, it is now time to mount a serious effort from CY9. Read more »

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members Oluf Henriksen, Giorgio Ciprian, Ferruccio Rossi, Giacomo Cantagalli.

OZ6OG – MDXC #670 Oluf Henriksen from Denmark
IV3CIS MDXC #671 Giorgio Ciprian from Fiume Veneto (PN) – Italy
I1TXD –  MDXC #672 Ferruccio Rossi from Colazza (NO) – Italy
IZ4RYS – MDXC #673 Giacomo Cantagalli from Genova – Italy

5V7V Togo 2012

UPDATE #4 (Feb 11, 2012)

In the night 5V7V will be active on 160m.


UPDATE#3 (Feb 9, 2012 – 00:22 UTC):

Finally on air! As anticipated, Franco started to operate a few hours ago. Pile-up is already very strong on 30, 40 and 80m. Log-check updates will be available tomorrow. More information on the official website

Read more »

The MDXC flag waving from Bonaire

We’ve just received a nice present from PJ4C Team, the DXpedition in Bonaire that we proudly sponsored. A couple of pics showing the Mediterraneo DX Club flag waving in the hands of the PJ4C operators! We just remind dxer community that the PJ4C team after just ten days of operations  made a total of 84.480 qsos and fixed the new Rtty World record reaching the highest summit of 19 698 rtty qsos in their log!

PJ4C will be remembered  for its third  RTTY World Record, attained last week as we announced in a very real time. Member of the Team, has been our Gabriele Villa I2VGW. Congratulations!

Here are the photos: Read more »

E51M North Cook Is. (IOTA OC-014)

We are happy to announce a new DXpedition to Manihiki Is. from March 28 to April 10, 2012 .
They’ll be active from 160 to 6 meters, CW/SSB/RTTY. Official site


RTTY: new world record by PJ4C!

An SMS from PJ4C informs MDXC Headquarters of a new RTTY world record. Previous record, conquered previously by T32C, has been surpassed by PJ4C Team in the past few hours. In just ten days of operations they made a total of 84.480 qsos and fixed the new Rtty World record reaching the highest summit of 19 698 rtty qsos  in their log!

We are very honoured to announce the new world record by Bonaire 2012 DX-pedition Team composed of F4AJQ Franck, F6ENO Alain, I2VGW Gabriele, F5NKX, DJ7JC Norbert, DJ9RR Heye, OE3GCU Guenther, OE3JAG Karl, ON7RN Eric,  F1HRE Henri, F1NGP Yann, F4DLM Jimmy, F5EOT Michel, F5VHQ John, F6BIV Jean Luc, F6JMT Joel, F8BJI Jean Paul, F9IE Bernard, PA0R Rein, OZ1IKY Kenneth, F2VX Gerard, F5QF Francis, F8ATS Tony and DL1YFF Hans.

The Mediterraneo DX Club is proud to be a sponsor of PJ4C DX-pedition.
You made  a very good job boys!