Friedrichshafen Ham Fest 2013

The team has made an first appointment during the Ham Fest in Germany. They discussed the first strategy, organizations and setup, As always this event was also an opportunity to get together and have fun.





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T30PY & T30SIX : Video

We are pleased to tell you the video of the DXpedition T30PY. This DX pedition was sponsored by our club in the year 2012. The video is uploaded on the Vimeo website of .

Thanks again and good vision !

T30PY W.Kiribati DXpedition Official Website, available at the url



K9W Wake Atoll: Press Release #4

We receive and publish updates on the DXpedition K9W. We remember that theMediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor ofK9W. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.


The Wake Atoll Commemorative team’s operation is progressing nicely.

Most of the equipment needed for this operation has been received and is being pre-tested prior to shipment to the staging areas. As mentioned in the previous release, the equipment will be pre-staged in California and Hawaii prior to transport to Wake. Staging, pre-testing, packing are essential to assure equipment arriving on-time and safely on Wake.

The two week “on air” dates are anticipated to start the last week of September or first week of October. This is entirely dependent on the military flight schedule into and out of Wake Atoll and this has yet to be determined. As soon as this is established, we will issue another press release and post it on our website.

Several good options are being considered for our two operating sites which will be announced soon.

Please note! There are a few other DXpeditions which will be on air during the Wake Operation. Our band plan, established in early March and documented on our website, will be used during the operation. To avoid the dreaded “Not in the Log”, please be sure which DXpedition you are working! Our operators will announce K9W often to help identify your contact.

The Team wants to thank the DX Community, including generous worldwide Foundations and Clubs, equipment manufacturers and outlets for their outstanding support of the Wake Commemorative efforts. These DXpeditions are extremely expensive and could not be accomplished without the support of the entire DX Community.

Visit the website to view our Sponsors and make your personal donation.

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Roberto Esposito, Marco Caforio, Silvio Ciarma, Fabio Azzali, Mario Bellengi.

IZ8POX – MDXC#933 Roberto Esposito from Catanzaro, Italy;

IZ2QCP – MDXC#934 Marco Caforio from Parabiago (Mi), Italy;

I6CBI – MDXC#935 Silvio Ciarma from Montesilvano (Pe), Italy;

IK4QJF – MDXC#936 Fabio Azzali from Modesano (Pr), Italy;

IK4MTK – MDXC#937 Mario Bellengi from Soragna (Pr), Italy.

XR0ZR Juan Fernandez: Update#1

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of XRØZR. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.



June 21, 2013:  Update #1:

The XR0ZR team continues to work toward the activation of Juan Fernandez Island, XR0ZR during the period of November 8-20, 2013. The travel logestics for the team have been secured and to date we are on course to begin operations as scheduled on November 8, 2013.

There has been a change to the team. Unfortunately, our friend and teamate Dino, CE3PG is unable to go. In his place, Ron PA3EWP has been selected. Ron is a seasoned veteran of many dxpeditions throughout the world and is a terrific addition to our team. The XR0ZR team would like to welcome Ron on board and extend our thanks to Dino for the valuable contribution he has made to the organization dxpedition Read more »

ST0R South Sudan: Other Video

We are pleased to tell you the other video of the DXpedition ST0R. This DX pedition was sponsored by our club in the year 2011.

Thanks again and good vision!


Bangladesh 2013

As usual the MDXC’ s guys are working hard to give a good surprise to the international community of dxers and Iota chasers. This time the team leader , Antonio IZ8CCW and the team co-leader, Gabriele I2VGW,  with S21AM help, are in pole position to put on a new ambitious project: a Dxpedition in Bangladesh and the real possibility to establish a real cooperation with the local hams to assist in future dxpedition. The target will be once again the same reached, with great media enphasisis and success, in Brunei last year : a twinship with the local ham radio.As a matter of fact the next Dxped by Mediterraneo Dx Club is going on in the best of the way. Read more »

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Leonardo Carofiglio, Edi Purnomo, Massimo Rebessi, Giuseppe Cirasella, Marcello Di Marco, Giorgio Bardelli, sezione ARI S. Maria a Monte, Luciano Bolchini, Giuseppe Vecchio, Alessio Macis, Marco Giannini.

IZ7VPK – MDXC#351 Leonardo Carofiglio from Grottaglie (Ta), Italy;

YB3EDD – MDXC#923 Edi Hari Purnomo  from Indonesia;

IK2XYF -MDXC#924 Massimo Rebessi from Cremona, Italy;

IZ2KPI – MDXC#925 Giuseppe Cirasella from Cologno Monzese (Mi), Italy;

IZ1RWF -MDXC#926 Marcello Di Marco from La Spezia, Italy;

IZ1YCG – MDXC#927 Giorgio Bardelli from La Spezia, Italy;

IQ5QD – MDXC#928 A.R.I. Club Station from Santa Maria a Monte (Pi), Italy;

IZ2NBD -MDXC #929 Luciano Bolchini from Gorgonzola (Mi), Italy;

IT9CFP – MDXC#930 Giuseppe Vecchio from Agrigento Italy;

IS0SEL -MDXC #931 Alessio Macis from Capoterra (Ca), Italy;

IK4DCX – MDXC#932 Marco Giannini from Rimini Italy;

T33A – Banaba Island Dxpedition

Our team is planning the activation of Banaba island during November 2013.  We’ll have six stations at two sites operating CW/SSB/RTTY on 160m through 10m.

The team is comprised of W2IJ, N1EMC, N6HC, DK1II, N9NS, W6KK, KD6XH, AA4FL, AD6E, DL5EBE, HA0NAR, VK3FY, WA1S, WA1F, DL6KVA, N6HD, DJ5IW, K3VN, and WA6FGV.

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of  T33A Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

More information on the official website

N8A – American Samoa

9M6XRO, JH3PRR, W6SZN, ZL1GO and ZL3CW are setting up a DXPedition to American Samoa under the Special Events Station Callsign N8A especially for the CQWW CW contest but with extended precontest activity intended to make KH8 widely available.

* Operations on HF 10-160m
* Significant effort on 160 meters
* Focus on EU for the high bands
* CW will be the primary mode with some SSB and RTTY possible
* Location will be well south of Pago Pago to limit mountain low angle blockage

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of  N8A Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

More information on the official website


YE3I: Gili Ketapang island

YB3EDD, YB3VPP, YB3GZS and YB3BOA plan to be active as YE3I from Gili Ketapang IOTA OC-237 between June 7-9, 2013. QRV 160-10m. QSL via YB3EDD. the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of YE3I Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

More information on the official website