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Davide Mazzola, Fabio Cocci, Andrea Cavazzoni, Giorgio Imperatore Antonucci, Vincenzo Landro, Bruno Boglione, Luca Moroni, Angelo Ricci, Giuseppe Galizia, Loreto Mastroviti, Giuseppe Leonardi, Luigi Maggi, Giuseppe Melone, Agostino Panza, Ivan D’Avenia, Antonio Lattanzi.

IK0RHS – MDXC #711 Davide Mazzola from Cisterna of Latina (Lt) Italy;

IK6JOT – MDXC #712 Fabio Cocci from Mondolfo (Mu) Italy;

IK4UOA – MDXC #713 Andrea Cavazzoni from Parma Italy;

IK6TOT – MDXC #714 Giorgio Imperatore Antonucci from Giulianova (Te) Italy;

IW9GMF – MDXC #715 Vincenzo Landro from Acireale (Ct) Italy;

EA4EPY – MDXC #716 Bruno Boglione from Madrid Spain;

IK5PWE – MDXC #717 Luca Moroni from Livorno Italy;

IK1UGX – MDXC #718 Angelo Ricci from Demonte (Cn) Italy;

IW9CLF – MDXC #719 Giuseppe Galizia from Siracusa Italy;

IZ7PMQ – MDXC #720 Loreto Mastroviti from Giovinazzo (Ba) Italy;

IZ5DKG – MDXC #721 Giuseppe Leonardi from Castelfranco di sotto (Pi) Italy;

IV3YER – MDXC #722 Luigi Maggi from Vigonovo di Fontanafredda (Pn) Italy:

IZ8AJU – MDXC #723 Giuseppe Melone from Casapulla (Ce) Italy;

IK8YJS – MDXC #724 Agostino Panza from Redipiano (Cs) Italy.

IZ7XRI – MDXC #725 Ivan D’Avenia from Giovinazzo (Ba) Italy;

IZ6CLZ – MDXC #726 Antonio Lattanzi from San Benedetto del Tronto  Italy;

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Welcome to our new members: Michael Chatzimichalakis, Carlo Bonomi, Antonio Cicerale, Salvo Costantino, Giovanni Sala, Wolfgang Bleher, Joern Schmolke, Olaf Muehlenbrock, Giovanni Zangara, Massimo Lugli.

SV1MO – MDXC #701 Michael Chatzimichalakis from Greece;

IK2RPE – MDXC #702 Carlo Bonomi from Segrate (Mi) Italy;

IK7YZG – MDXC #703  Antonio Cicerale from San Severo (Fg) Italy;

IT9HLR – MDXC #704 Salvo Costantino from Siracusa Italy;

IK2YFT – MDXC #705 Giovanni Sala from Cremeno (Lc) Italy;

DL2MWB – MDX C#706 Wolfgang Bleher from Germany;

DL4TZ – MDXC #707 Joern Schmolke from Germany;

DO7OM – MDXC #708 Olaf Muehlenbrock from Germany;

IW0BET – MDXC #709  Giovanni Zangara from Rome Italy;

IZ5ILF – MDXC #710  Massimo Lugli from San Gervaso Palaia (Pi) Italy;

Brunei Darussalam 2012: V84SMD

Gemilang Amateur Radio Station & Mediterraneo Dx Club, this is the twinning of the year !

This 2 club, with fantastic friendship spirit, organized this dxpedition for twinning and start a long cooperation. V85TX and others members of Gemilang support the MDXC for licence, entry with equipment and logistic help. We have already planned, during our activity, for working to introduce radio comunications to local people.

This is team: F1HRE, F5EOT, F6BIV, I2VGW, I8YGZ, IK2LTR, IZ8CCW, ON7RN, IZ2KXC,IZ2GNQ, V85AVE, V85AX, V85TX, YB3MM and others will be active from Brunei 11-23 November 2012 as V84SMD

They will be active on 160-10m CW , SSB , RTTY


For MDXC Members is also available our internal QSL service. Please remember that since the end of the DXpedition you can send QSL requests: look at the “QSL service status” panel in homepage and when the green dot will be on you’ll be able to fill the request form in the site Members Area.



E51M: The Photo

Today we have received email from to DJ8NK, enclosing photos with MDXC flag and  the team’s of E51M, also reported that the cards were sent to our secretariat.
In the moment we recived , immediately forward them to the home members who have requested via QSL SERVICE

Good dx!

Somalia 2012: MDXC is a sponsor of 6O0CW

We are pleased to add a “new one” in our Sponsored DXpeditions list: 6O0CW, Somalia. Operations from the African Entity are already on and will extend until May 18, 2012.

For MDXC Members is also available our internal QSL service. Please remember that since the end of the DXpedition you can send QSL requests: look at the “QSL service status” panel in homepage and when the green dot will be on you’ll be able to fill the request form in the site Members Area.

News and info about the DXpedition on their official website.

Yemen 2012: MDXC is a sponsor of 7O6T

We couldn’t let the chance slip for our Members. We couldn’t let a so important DXpedition slip for MDXC.

Now it’s official: the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of 7O6T from Socotra Is., Yemen, on air in these days until May 15. Our regular Members will be able to benefit of the free internal QSL service. QSL requests are fast and easy: fill the form in our members-only area and wait for the QSL in your home mail box. No extra charge is requested!

More news and info on 7O6T are available in the DXpedition official website.

HK0NA Story

HKØNA DXpedition 2012

Written by Bob Allphin, K4UEE

195,000 QSOs….WOW !  How does a DXpedition make that many contacts?  Well, it’s just simple math:  have a lot of radios and antennas, a lot of days on the air and enough operators to keep making QSOs day after day.  And that is exactly what we did……piling up about 10,000-15,000 contacts each day until time to go home.

But that wasn’t always the plan.  Originally when the DXpedition to Malpelo was first announced, there were to be six Colombian (HK) operators and four foreign operators.  When Gregg Marco, W6IZT and I were invited to join the team, we recommended expanding to fourteen total by adding some more foreign operators. Suddenly one day, we saw on the DXpedition website that we were now co-leaders.  It was news to us, but in the end we played important roles in the operation. Gregg was asked to handle equipment procurement, antennas and the IT requirements.  I was to handle fund-raising, public relations, and help build and manage the operator team. Read more »

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Claudio Corcione, Nicola Franco, Nerino Pazzali, Tony De Longhi, Antonio D’Arpino, Alain Darve and Vanni Po.

TF2CL – MDXC #350 Claudio Corcione from Iceland;
IV3CWB – MDXC #695 Nicola Franco from Torreano (Ud) Italy;
IK2ABJ – MDXC #696 Nerino Pezzali from Lodi Italy;
IZ2ESV – MDXC #697 Tony De Longhi from Milano Italy;
IK0OZD – MDXC #698 Antonio D’Arpino from Ferentino (Fr) Italy;
F6ENO – MDXC #699 Alain Darve from France;
IK4RUX – MDXC #700 Vanni Po from Carpi (Mo) Italy.

T30PY is the logo of the month in the URE Magazine

The official magazine of URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles), the Spanish Amateur Radio Association, each month awards the nicest logo used by the most important DXpeditions. Read more »

NH8S: Swains Island DXpedition 2012

A new sponsored Dxpedition fills our basket: the rare Swains Island. As always, for our regular Members will be easy and free to receive the NH8S QSL, directly at home, thanks to our internal QSL SERVICE.

Here is the Official press reease about the DXpedition.

Scheduled for September 4 – 18, 2012

Joe W8GEX and Craig K9CT are pleased to announce they are planning another DXpedition to a rare DX entity. Joe and Craig were the co-leaders of the very successful PJ7E DXpedition on 10-10-10. Before that, they were part of the team that re-activated Midway K4M in 2009. Read more »

C6AGW: New press release

During the week-end, under the italian rains (cats and dogs raining, hi) Gabriele, I2VGW has tested all the antennas and the equipments for his Bahamas round trip . As announced he plans to be operating as C6AGW starting April 26th through May 6th from Biminis islands, NA048 and/or Berry islands (NA054) quite rare Iota references and, of course, also from New Providence and Long Island, Great Bahama Bank (NA 001). Following also the requestes of many lighthouses chasers Gabriele would like to confirm that all these references will be printed on his Qsl card. That’s meaning: New Providence main Is. LH 1115 and NA-001;Long Is. LH 1898 and NA-001 Bimini (South) LH 2467 and NA-048 Berry Is. (Gr.Stirrup Cay) LH 1903 and NA 054. We remind you that this new Gabriele’s adventure will be an holiday style operation. In any case Gabriele, as usual, will give great emphasis to digital modes and Warc bands but he’ll keep in his mind SSB too.

He’ll take with him his Icom 7200, an Hampole, a KW5 and a Buddipole. For more info and any updates visit the dxped web site:


Gabriele will be supported by MDXC with log online, news in realtime,pictures and videos.

T30PY & T30SIX – Tarawa, Western Kiribati

We’re pleased to announce that is online the T30PY W.Kiribati DXpedition Official Website, available at the url http://www.mdxc.org/t30py

The DXpedition will be to Tarawa Island, Western Kiribati, from Oct 16 t0 25, 2012, when two call signs will be used: T30PY for use from 10 to 160m and T30SIX on 6m. It is expected to have 3 stations running simultaneously on HF and one on six meters. The following modes will be used: SSB, CW and RTTY. EME on six meters may be possible, but not yet confirmed.

The team, at this time, is formed by the following Brazilian ham ops: PP1CZ – Leo, PT2OP – Orlando, PY2AAZ – Fabio, PY2PT – Rick, PY2WAS – Alex, PY2XB – Fred, PY3MM – Miguel, PY4BZ – Fernando, PY7XC – Jim and PY7ZY – Xavier.