Elba Is. (EU-028): the report of IZ5NFD

Paolo IZ5NFD sent us a short report of his holiday-style activity from Elba Is. that we’re pleased to publish.

He has been from IOTA EU-028 between August 6 and 12 as IA5/IZ5NFD.

The Mediterraneo DX Club has been very pleased to announce and follow IA5 activity of the Member MDXC#452. Read more »

NH8S: a new press release

Just received from the NH8S Team:

August 22, 2012
Press Release

The leaders are happy to report that the DXpedition cargo has arrived in American Samoa. The international team of 20 operators are excited about this tent and generator operation. The island ranks number 31 in the DX Magazine most wanted list. Swains is about one mile in circumference has only five permanent residents and no infrastructure.

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Souvenir from Comoros Is.

Just a few weeks ago the Mediterraneo’s flag waved from the cold Northen Atlantic Ocean. Today our flag is on Comores Is., from the warm Indian Ocean. Here is the picture showing the D64K shack with our flag on the wall!

In a few days D64K will QRT with a rich “war chest”, expecially thanks to operations on 6m and 160m. We remind that for MDXC Members will be soon available the requesting system for the D64K QSL-card.

D64K Team waving the MDXC flag from Comoros Is.

The MDXC flag waving on St.Paul Is.

The Mediterraneo Dx Club flag waved on St. Paul Is. too! Here is the photo showing the CY9M Team with the MDXC flag from one of the most wanted IOTA activations in 2012! 30,000 QSOs in 4 and half days, worked in all bands and modes.

The MDXC has been one of the sponsors of CY9M. QSL service is now available for CY9M card. Please fill the request form with all your QSOs and wait for the mailman in the next few weeks.

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Elio Rinco, Paolo Berruti, Fabio Ribechini,  Sandro Castrichini, Giorgio Iannucci.

IZ1BAY – MDXC #752 Elio Rinco from Vignale Monferrato (Al), Italy;

IZ1UKG – MDXC #753 Paolo Berruti from Castel’Alfero (At), Italy;

I5GJK – MDXC #754 Fabio Ribechini from Montemurlo (Po), Italy;

IZ0BXX – MDXC #755 Sandro Castrichini  from Fondi (Lt), Italy;

IZ0HQI – MDXC #756 Giorgio Iannucci from Fondi (Lt), Italy;

Elba Island, EU-028

From 6th to 12th of August Paolo IZ5NFD (MDXC #452) will spend his holidays in Elba Island – EU028. In accordance with his family duties, he plans to be on air as IA5/IZ5NFD from St. Andrea, in the NW part of the island (JN52BT). He’ll be operating expecially on CW from 40m to 2m, in the early morning (05.00 UTC) and in the evening (after 21.00 UTC).

TT8TT from Chad in October 2012

TT8TT will be the call of Italian DXpedition Team‘s new adventure from Chad. On air in October 2012, the I2YSB’s Team, back from 6O0CW in May, will operate from 160m to 6m CW, SSB and RTTY.

Official website: www.i2ysb.com

Official forum: http://bit.ly/NVQaav

Pilot station: IK7JWY Software Management (real-time log on line) by IH9GPI

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of TT8TT. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

ZL9HR – Campbell Is. Dxpedition 2012

From November 28th to December 9th, 2012 will be active ZL9HR from Campbell Is. (IOTA OC-037). The DXpedition is organized by the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia and will activate the entity number 15 on the current DXCC most wanted list.

ZL9HR website: http://www.campbell2012.com/

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of ZL9HR. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.


Our member IC8OZM MDXC #313 is actived in IOTA Contest as IC8R single operetor CW

D64K Comoros Is., AF-007

On air between August 8- 20, 2012 D64K will be QRV form Comoros Is., Indian Ocean. The IOTA reference of Comoros is AF-007, ranked #68 on The DX Magazine and #49 on Clublog. Last DX relevant activity has been in 2001.

The team consists of Salvador C31CT-EA3QS, Fabrizio IW3SQY (Team leader), Franco IZ8GCE, Josep EA3AKY, Sigi DL7DF, Les SP3DOI, Paolo IV3DSH (QSL Manager). Pilot: Stan KH6CG. They’ll be active from 160 to 6m.

The Mediterraneo DX Club is sponsor of the D64K and will support their operations during the DXpedition. Official website www.d64k.net, however news will be launched also from our social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Free internal QSL service available for all Members.


Greek IOTA tour by IZ7FLQ

Fabio IZ7FLQ (MDXC#326) will be active from various Greek islands between Aug. 8-18, 2012. During his Greek IOTA tour he’ll be active from Lefkada, Itaca, Meganisi, Kefallonia.

Calls will be:

SV8/IZ7FLQ/LI Lefkada no IOTA
SV8/IZ7FLQ/TI Itaca EU-052
SV8/IZ7FLQ/MI Meganisi EU-052
SV8/IZ7FLQ/KI Kefallonia EU-052

Weather conditions permitting, Fabio will be active also from other islands inside the same archipelago. QSL via direct or bureau;

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Salvatore Vitale, Marco Vecchiola, Gianni Bettio, Kovac Ladislav, Andrea Veniani, Richard Pordon, Pasquale Loconte, Jean Louis Marquis.

IV3YIM – MDXC #744 Salvatore Vitale from Gorizia Italy;

IZ1DUI – MDXC #745 Marco Vecchiola from Sanremo (IM) Italy;

IZ2QDQ – MDXC #746 Gianni Bettio from Dorno (Pv) Italy.

OM3AG – MDXC #747 Kovac Ladislav from Slovak Republic;

IW2GBL – MDXC #748 Andrea Veniani from Certosa di Pavia (Pv) Italy;

IZ3EAX – MDXC #749 Richard Pordon from Candelù (Tv) Italy.

IZ7DOZ – MDXC #750 Pasquale Loconte from Andria (Bt) Italy;

F5NHJ – MDXC #751 Jean-Louis Marquis from France.