H44GC & H40GC Story


At the beginning of this article for the convenience of the readers, I submit data from Wikipedia about the Solomon Islands and Temotu Province, the object of this expedition. Read more »

TL8TT: The photo

We receive and publish with pleasure the team photo which these days is on the Central African Republic.
Of course the MDXC is a sponsor of the group Italian Dxpedition team.



The Italian DXpedition Team announces the date of the TL8TT DXpedition to Central African Republic.

The actvity will cover two weeks, 1 to 14 February 2017, 24h/day with three stations operating 160m through 10m. The RTTY activity will be restricted to 20m.

Our TL8TT licence has been credited by ARRL and LoTW has been activated.

 Subject to availability of internet connection, the REAL TIME Log will be available at:http://win.i2ysb.com/logonline/

OQRS will be activated from the beginning of the DXpedition.

At the end of the DXpedition, QSO data will be uploaded to LoTW for our Sponsors, the LoTW EXPRESS applicants and those requesting QSL via OQRS. In addition, contributors for 50$ or more will receive, besides our QSL, the DXpedition DVD.

The complete logbook upload will take place by the end of August 2017.

Given the recent activity from the same country, we decided to reset our TL8TT Survey.

This in order optimize our operations, on the grounds of an updated situation.

You are then kindly invited to revise your requests at: http://www.i2ysb.com/idt/

For info and updates during the DXpedition the official Forum will be:http://www.hamradioweb.net/

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A70X team photo

Photo of A70X with MDXC flag (TNX to the Team)

Happy 2017

Also the year 2016 saw us very busy in supporting the best and most important dx-peditions (see attached table) around the world. This required a great economic effort and showed that the MDXC is in full “vogue” in DX scene. For all dx-peditions has been provided to MDXC Members the QSL by our QSL-SERVICE. The management of the service lives thanks to the efforts of many MDXC Members, free of charge.


The continuous increase in postal rates, however, creates many problems on the Club budgets so that next year we’ll re-evaluate a possible retouching on the annual contribution that has always been contained since the birth of our Club. The Euro has almost halved the purchasing power of services by third parties, so certainly we’ll ask to MDXC Members a small sacrifice for future annual contributions. An investment in the future of the club and its prestigious presence in the DX panorama.
About the management of our two Contests we have to spend great appreciation for the perseverance and tenacity of so many OM who continue,


even against the bad propagation, to participate and make a tender moment also a chance to meet many new radio amateurs who look out for the first time in this competition.

A special thank to the district of Pisa that hosted the 2016 MDXC Meeting, demonstrating great professionalism and friendship in merging all guests and members who have honored us with their presence. The occasion was held for the first DXpedition School. A event much appreciated by many OM who are interested to look out into the world of DX-peditions.

The most important news for 2017 is our presence at the largest European ham fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany (our first time), held from July 14 to 16. We hope to have the support of many Members who will visit us in Germany and mark their presence with a nice photo for the MDXC gallery of events. Read more »

Merry Christmas 2016

The Mediterraneo Dx Club staff wishes all members a happy and peaceful Christmas for you and your families. Happy Holidays and best wishes for joy and peace.

XX9D I.O.T.A. AS-075

XX9LT, DJ9KH, DL2AWG, DL2HWA, DL2RNS, DL3HRH, DL4SVA, DL5CW, DM2AUJ, DM2AYO and DL7VEE will be active from Macau as XX9D between February 13-26, 2017. QRV on 80-10m CW, SSB & RTTY. QSL via DL4SVA.

Offiacial site

MDXC is one of the sponsors – QSL is ok via QSLSERVICE

A70X I.O.T.A. AS-088

Radio Amateurs members of Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) will be active from Al Safliyah Island, IOTA AS – 088, 1 – 7 January 2017 as A70X. They will operate on HF Bands CW, SSB, Digital modes.
Team – A71AM, A71AV, A71BI, A71EM, A71GO, A75GM, A75GT, E76AA, E78AA, EI5GM, EI9FBB, MM0NDX.

MDXC is one of the sponsors – QSL is ok via QSLSERVICE

D66D: Expedition to Comoros Islands

Beautiful scenery, emerald sea, beaches with white sands and sun rays falling among the leaves of the palm trees while watching the sunset. Villa a few meters from the sea and this is a perfect work of nature, which are engraved in the memory forever. Friendly citizens and our two weeks (amateur radio) paradise are Comoros Islands. Read more »


LA7GIA will be active from Central African Republic  as TL8AO between November 10-22, 2016. QTH: Bangui. .


MDXC is one of the sponsors – QSL is ok via QSLSERVICE

D66D Team Photo

we recived the beautiful photo of D66D Team.


Andrea IZ1MHY is actived as 8Q7MD from 2 to 12 October 2016 on SSB, JT65, SIM31 and other digi mode, band 10 to 40mt Holiday style with yaesu 857 and vertical multibands home made. Qsl via direct H.C., LOTW  or 9A8ARS buro

FT4JA Story

From April 29th to May 10th, 2016, a team made up of Seb F5UFX, Flo F5CWU, Vincent F4BKV, Gil F4FET, Yann F1NGP, Pat F2DX, Jack F6BEE, Pascal F5PTM, Diégo F4HAU, Chris EA3NT, went to Juan de Nova, an island located between Madagascar and Mozambique.    The island is flat,  and covers an area of 4.4 kilometers square.   It is surrounded by a coral reef which harbours a vast lagoon.   Forests, mainly of Casuarinaceae (Le Filao), cover about half the island.   It is named after a Portuguese captain Joao da Nova who discovered it in 1501.  In the absence of foreign presence, the island is attached to the colonial empire of France in 1896 and passed under French flag the following year. Since 2007, it is attached like the other Scattered islands to the administration of the TAAF (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises). Read more »