FT4JA Story

From April 29th to May 10th, 2016, a team made up of Seb F5UFX, Flo F5CWU, Vincent F4BKV, Gil F4FET, Yann F1NGP, Pat F2DX, Jack F6BEE, Pascal F5PTM, Diégo F4HAU, Chris EA3NT, went to Juan de Nova, an island located between Madagascar and Mozambique.    The island is flat,  and covers an area of 4.4 kilometers square.   It is surrounded by a coral reef which harbours a vast lagoon.   Forests, mainly of Casuarinaceae (Le Filao), cover about half the island.   It is named after a Portuguese captain Joao da Nova who discovered it in 1501.  In the absence of foreign presence, the island is attached to the colonial empire of France in 1896 and passed under French flag the following year. Since 2007, it is attached like the other Scattered islands to the administration of the TAAF (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises). Read more »


The Mediterraneo DX Club is  sponsor of  Tuvalu  DXpedition .

Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2016.

ZA/IZ7GXB – Albania

IZ7GXB Costa (MDXC#067) will be active from Durres in Albania between August 26 to 30 2016 with the call ZA/IZ7GXB.
He will operate from 6m to 160m PH.
QSL via home call.
Website: http://za-iz7gxb-albania.jimdo.com/

MDXC logo waving from S79V – Seychelles

From the beautiful Seychelles Is. a very nice photo showing the MDXC logo by S79V Team Members.

The MDXC has been one of the most important supporters of the DX-pedition. QSL free for all Members via MDXC QSL Service. Read more »

I.O.T.A. & ClubLog

Well it has finally arrived, what many have been waiting for years to see. Clublog is now starting to electronically match IOTA qso’s with Logs on the Clublog system that will ultimately give IOTA accreditation without having to produce a card for checking. Read more »

9° world Meeting MDXC

24-25 September 2016, Pisa ITALY, We have present team member of VP8SGI/STI – 1th edition of Dx-pedition school and more….
more info on www.mdxc.org/meeting2016

signal your presence to http://www.mdxc.org/meeting2016/segnala-la-tua-presenza/


D66D Comoros

The Mediterraneo DX Club is  sponsor of D66D DXpedition .

Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2016.

Other info on official page

H44GC & H40GC

The Mediterraneo DX Club is  sponsor of H40GC & H44GC DXpedition .

Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2016.

Other info on official page

XU7MDC Dx-Pedition 2016

Once again an international team under the flag of MDXC, Mediterraneo Dx Club,

will be on air, starTing from 4th to 14th November 2016

The licencens as XU7MDC are already in the hands of Antonio, IZ8CCW, leader and

Gabriele, I2VGW, co-leader of the team (20 people)

They have planned ,as usual, to operate 24/24 hours with 5 stations from the beach

of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, with a particular stress to low bands and digi modes

The official web site is under construction. Further infos soon


Michele, IK5ZUI will be active from Mayotte Island I.O.T.A. AF-027, as FH/IK5ZUI between March 4-10, 2016.

QRV on 40-10m, CW & SSB.


E51EAQ: little story

E51EAQ dxpedition was “a suitcase type”.

The main problem, as usual, concerned the amount of luggage. I was able to include only 3kg of the personal belongings.
All the rest was technical stuff. I  got priceless help from Andy E51AND who installed a 15m vertical on the beach  for me and helped  in several ways during  the entire stay.

Read more »

V73D: Photo

The flag of the Mediterraneo Dx Club waving in  Marshall  dx-pedition.

The Mediterraneo DX Club is  sponsor !

Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members

Official site



Bulletin #5 – (Oct 17, 2015)

After 4 full days operation we have more than 20.000 QSOs in the log. All antennas are up, including 3 spiderbeams and full size verticals for 80 m and 160 m. The operators are still highly motivated – since the propagation is improving – but also tired from intensive antenna work and 24/7 shift operation.

Unfortunately on 80 m we have strong noise of about S8, on 160 m about S5. An external receiving antenna did not really improve the situation. The noise is from the hotel area. We know that this will not make the Europeans happy. The signals from Japan and US west coast are usually very strong, band openings are long.  But openings to West and Central Europe are usually short and signals are rather weak. Read more »