PJ4C – Bonaire 2012

PJ4C is the callsign of the next F6KOP Team DXpedition from Bonaire Is. Operations will start on January 12 until Jan. 23, 2012 from 10m to 160m (WARC included).

Team components: F4AJQ Franck, F5UFX Seb, F6ENO Alain, I2VGW Gabriele, F5NKX, DJ7JC Norbert, DJ9RR Heye, OE3GCU Guenther, OE3JAG Karl, ON7RN Eric, PJ4NX Peter, F1HRE Henri, F1NGP Yann, F4DLM Jimmy, F5EOT Michel, F5VHQ John, F6BIV Jean Luc, F6JMT Joel, F8BJI Jean Paul, F9IE Bernard, PA0R Rein, OZ1IKY Kenneth, F2VX Gerard, F5QF Francis, F8ATS Tony and DL1YFF Hans.

Bonaire IOTA reference is SA-006 and WLOTA L1279. News and more detailed informations are available on their official website here.

Mediterraneo DX Club helps the DXpedition by its sponsorship and wishes all the best to thewhole team. Club Members will benefit from the free and internal QSL-service for the PJ4C QSL-card.

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  1. iz8ccw says:

    PJ4C 2012 – Official Bulletin No 3

    All the team wish you an happy New Year 2012.

    We are now a few days from departure and all the team is very enthusiastic.

    In mid-December around 600Kg of equipment has left Europe to Bonaire, Peter PJ4NX will take care of it until our arrival.

    Jeff F6AOJ has repaired equipment damaged in TJ9PF last year, Mat F5PED has prepared the 30m 4sq, and Yann F1NGP has configured all the computer network.

    Thanks to all the F6KOP team everything has been prepared and packed on time. Eric ON7RN and Peter PJ4NX have organized everything with the shipper.

    We will use the following equipment :

    5x FT 450

    1x ICOM IC7200 & 7000

    1x K3

    6x ACOM 1010

    1x 50 MHz PA




    1x 5ELEMENT 50 MHz I0JXX

    1x VERTICAL 20m

    1x FOUR SQUARE 30m

    1x FOUR SQUARE 40m

    2x VERTICALS 80 (CW and SSB)

    1x VERTICAL 40m

    1x L 160m


    We have also in-band filters for 80 and 75m simultaneous operation. Jean Paul F8BJI made the operating schedules. The 7th station will be used on 6m (sometimes as a beacon on 50.104MHz, please let us know is there are any openings)

    F4AJQ leader, F6ENO co leader, F1NGP leader SSB, F8BJI leader Digi, F9IE leader CW.

    F5UFX will be our pilot and webmaster

    F5NQL will be in charge of communication

    F9IE is our QSL manager

    Logs will be uploaded as frequently as possible..

    Departure is scheduled from Paris January 12, 2012 morning, arrival in Bonaire late in the evening.

    We would like to thanks our sponsors for their help. Of course you could help us to cover the expense for shipping all equipment, even small contributions are very appreciated, you could use paypal on our web site or send an email to f6eno@wanadoo.fr .

    See you in the pile-up

    Best 73’s from all the team.


    Forwarded with 73, by
    Maurice, F5NQL, F6KOP member

  2. iz8ccw says:

    After the first weekend more than 18 000 Qso are in the log.

    All equipment is installed except the second antenna for 80m, but it will be soon.

    Last night they had some difficulties with HF disturbing computers on 160m, that’s why they sometimes disapear, it is now fixed.

    We also have many difficulties with HK0NA pileups for 2 reasons : 1)they were not supposed to be active now, so we did not arranged qrg with them befor departure 2) people do not understand CW and spot wrong calls on the cluster.

    So from today we change all *.024 qrg to *.018 on CW. We have also asked the ops to give their callsign every qso to prevent any mistake.

    Logs are uploaded real time on clublog for CW and SSB. The RTTY qso are uploaded manually 1 or 2 times per day.

    If you are not in the log please work us again. If you cannot, send an email to the qsl manager AFTER the expedition.

    Everything is going fine, Bonaire is a nice place, and ops have a lot’s of pleasure to work you !

  3. Dave Leisman says:

    Wondered if you are scuba diving while on Bonaire. My wife and I are avid divers and are cosidering a trip later this spring. Wondered if you might share your thoughts about diving the various reefs. Thanks and 73’s – Dave

  4. IQ8MD says:

    Hi Dave , we not know if there is any underwater in the team. can youcontact direct team via official page http://www.pj4c.com/pj4c/joomla/

    73′ MDXC H.Q.