QSL card preview – V84SMD

This is the beautiful QSL of V84SMD, DXpedition from Brunei, designed by IZ2KTF #349 and printed by our friend and member IT9EJW #018. This QSL card is composed of 4 parts, and we show you hereinbelow. The beautiful website has been created by our friend, member and webmaster IK8LOV #029. the official site click here , QSL card via IK2VUC. We are also pleased to see that the logo of the V84SMD has been created by our member and graphic designer of MDXC IZ8WLZ #234.

Remember that this DX-pedition was organized by Mediterraneo Dx Club and Gemilang Club.

QSL single front



QSL double front



QSL single back


QSL double back




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