T30PY is the logo of the month in the URE Magazine

The official magazine of URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles), the Spanish Amateur Radio Association, each month awards the nicest logo used by the most important DXpeditions.
The logo of the month for April of Radioaficionados – this is the name of the Magazine – is the one of T30PY Kiribati 2012!

Mediterraneo DX Club expresses its happyness not only for T30PY Team but also for the unexpected award to the Club web-staff. Thanks to them and in particular to the graphic Nino Molinari IZ8WLZ (MDXC#234).

To download the full page showing the logo of the month please click
on the Magazine cover, shown below.


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One Response to “T30PY is the logo of the month in the URE Magazine”

  1. Randy W6SJ says:

    Dear DXpedition Team

    On behalf of the DX community we want to thank you for the efforts your team is making to put these locations on the air. We know that there are many hams who are anxious to have contacts with you (including me). We know also that the pileups can be, at the least frustrating, and at the worst, disheartening.

    With the goal of making your life easier and making your trip a highlight of your ham experience. A group of us have been working on a DX Code of Conduct. The goal of our effort is to improve the civility of hams in a pileup. That can result in a increase in the number of QSOs you make and a significant increase in your team’s happiness.

    Through our website and the various national amateur radio societies we have been spreading the word. Check out http://www.dx-code.org to see the Code. You will notice that it has been translated into 34 languages. Everyone who wants a QSO can find the Code in his language, including hams in your home country.

    To assist in the organizing and operation of your DXpedition, we have also collected links to several published works on DXpeditioning and Operating Practices. We think that these will be good reading, even for the old pros on your team. They will be especially valuable for the new DXpeditioner or for those operators who are not as well-practiced in the art of high volume operating.

    We have distilled the most useful practical of these practices and then have further links to more thorough explanation and links to various resources.

    Finally, we strongly encourage you to put the DX Code of Conduct up at your team’s website. Perhaps a page titled “How to Work Us” works better for you than DX Code of Conduct. It’s up to you and let me know when you do so. You can see a sample of that at the following websites:




    We would like you to link to our site so that visitors to your site can understand that those who want contacts with you will be asked to adhere to the Code. Remember that our main objective of promoting ethical operating practices is to add to your enjoyment of your trip.


    Randy W6SJ

    For The DX Code of Conduct Committee