T33A – Banaba Island: News

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of  T33A Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

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October 2013: Our blog is up and running and contains the latest Dxpedition news. Please check it out at banaba2013.wordpress.com.  After Oct. 12th our Dxpedition news will be published there.

September 2013: The drums of gasoline needed for our generating capacity have arrived on Banaba.  KOIL, the Kiribati Oil Company Limited, has a rep on the island and our provision is under his watch to make sure our dxpedition has the fuel we need for sustained operation.

August 2013: The 40 foot container with over 17,000 pounds of equipment and supplies left the staging area July 30, 2013 and made its way to the Long Beach, California terminal. It set sail on August 19th. The container will travel from California to New Zealand to Fiji and then on to Tarawa. Tarawa is our site of ocean departure for Banaba.



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