TX5K: Other photo’s

We still shocked on the death of our big friend Luis, XE1L, that hit a lot the team of Clipperton Island 2013 and all ham-radio world. Now, we receive some DXpedition photos and we want to donate the 1st one to Luis, engaged in his big pileup! In the official team pic, published yesterday, the italian flag waving:

XE1L Luis - US5WDX Roman

Thanks to our dear friend Giovanni, I5JHW, that has proudly represented our Club and.. especially our homeland. In subsequent photos, a few moments on the island of Clipperton Island, a big dream for many shippers be on the other side. In photo sequence: a few moments in Clipperton Island: a big dream for many, to be there, on the other side of pileup!

DJ2HD Mathias - SP5XVY Robert


We kindly address a question to Giovanni, I5JHW: How are you and how is Clipperton Island in live?


Jusr back home last saturday, on march 22, a bit tired but satisfied.

Adrenaline, passion, the desire to be there and so on… have exceeded the personal limits. I am 72 years old.

I couldn’t give up to the dream of my DX life!

Clipperton Island, unlike other destinations, it’s in the dreams of every DX’er due to that incomprehensibility and isolation from the rest of the globe.

The rock, at SS, sounds distressing and full of Boobies that return ashore for the night, after a long sea day to take many food for babies.

A great experience, a great international team, a beautiful thing.

I was invited and I couldnt refuse!



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One Response to “TX5K: Other photo’s”

  1. BOB AF2Q says:

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of Luis, XE1L.
    But he knows one day we will all meet at the big radio shack in the Sky
    BOB AF2Q