TX5K: Update #3

Receive and publish new upgrade of TX5K:

Nearly all the equipment has been assembled, and most has been packed. Transportation will be by truck on 12 Feb 2013. The boat (Shogun, San Diego) will be loaded on Friday, Feb 15.
We have implemented a new domain for the expedition: www.TX5K.org. We have also implemented a BLOG (link on the TX5K homepage) where you can read and enter comments.
We have completed development and emplacing of DXA (version 2). It can be accessed by the link on the TX5K home page, or directly at www.dxa2.org. Until the DXpedition goes QRV, the display will be a simulation. Comments on the blog before, during, or after, are most welcome.
The webmaster during the DXpedition will be Rich, KY6R. Please send any news stories or other interesting information to him for possible sharing on the blog or general poublicity.

We are pleased to designate Gary DF2RG as Chief Pilot. He will coordinate our team of pilots, which now includes VK4FW, DL9RCF, XE2HWJ, MM0NDX, V51B, PY2YP, KH6CG, and NR6M.

With the shipment of equipment from Germany completed, this month has been devoted mostly to designing the campsite, logistics, acquiring materials and equipment, and planning onsite operations. Taking full life support for 29 people is a relatively complex (and expensive) undertaking! Most of the gear is being staged at a warehouse in Richmond, California, and is being checked and pre-packed for landing at Clipperton.
Development of DXA2 continues, with the tuning of the software to enable 1-minute display of radio log data. A relatively complex local communications system is evolving, with a WiFi network connecting the 11 logging computers plus one computer connected to the dsatellite for uplaod to the internet. A second totally independent WiFi network will be used for other tasks, including the scientific and filmmaking activities. We expect to be able to upload radio log data, comments, images, and a small amount of video during the DXpedition.


We remember that the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of tx5k. Free internal QSL serviceavailable for all MDXC Members.

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