Four members from the Theam ( HK1N,HK1T,HK6F AND HK1MW ) has departed from the Pier of the Navy Base BAHIA MALAGA aboard the Patrol Boat JOSE MARIA PALAS on 26-12 2011.

The target of this advanced team called THE FANTASTIC FOUR is to set up all the 11 stations, the 2 camps and wireless network in order to have everything ready when the main group arrive on Jan 21 2012. To this 4 Brave mans who are going to spend more than 40 days on the island and have sacrfice the Holidays away from his families, we have to express our admiration and gratitude.

Source: http://hk0na.com/category/latest-news/

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  1. IZ8BGY says:

    December 28/2011
    The fantastic four arrived to Malpelo at 14:00 UTC today