18 Nov 116:30 utc


Is time to  Pizzzzzzzzzzza!!!





18 Nov 01:30 utc

It has just stopped raining, after a night IZ8CCW & I2VGW trt yo have a good local breakfast …. but…based on what no one knows…







18 Nov 01:00 utc

It’s rained a lot all night, with a strong wind. Great problem to use the low bands for QRM. On the Photo F1HRE works on stealth position…hi






17 Nov 13:00 utc

Also in Brunei there is italian restaurant, owned by Salvatore (from Reggio Calabria and Giacomo ( from Messina). A piece of Italy in the picture with i2vgw, the italian chef,v85tx and iz8ccw.





17 Nov 11:00 utc


this s the ” Venice” of Asia…..the old village on the water in the capital





17Nov 10:00 utc

 Members of the team start to came out from the shack in touristic tour.  Here a picture of  Bandar, capital of Brunei Darussalam. Bandar and Tutong (our base) is two nice place. People  in  Brunei is vert fantastic





16 Nov 15:00 utc

Today arrived a group of friends from Sumba – Malaysia. We are very happy, to know this new friends. Any Ham present have a  fantastic hamradio spirit !! That’s is real way to go on air!





16 Nov 09:00 utc

this morning IT9ZZO Dario (see photo), made first qso in 6 mt  with JA. Around 10:30 utc the team have also qso with VK station on magic band




16 Nov 08:00 utc

part of the team during the lunch on WIWI resturant. High spirit and mixed happines in the team..waiting fer you in the pile up




15 Nov 11:20 utc

Finally a little relax….

once more Gabriele i2vgw decided to
try a typical,local  drink ..but please

better do not ask what is that




15 Nov  10:45 utc

 On our 4 station on the beach:in the picture : YO9XC ssb- F1HRE rtty – DL3GA cw – IK2LTR ssb.

the others 2 station are located in hotel, photo coming soon…..



15 Nov 10:00 utc

In our dxped please keep on your mind that we we have many local amateur radio and guest operator also from Malaysia. So we give time to time one station  to novices ops to experience, Please can you support with a good pile up. Thanks in advance




15 Nov 09:00 utc


Also the last antenna is up, 6 element for 6 mt.
we wait now for good condition on the magic band.




14 Nov 19:00 utc

Last  Spiderbeam  is up … on the photo Marco Iz2GNQ and Michel F5Eot on duty on the roof  of the hotel.





14 Nov 18:00 utc

Troubles with equipments? Heye DJ9RR repaired the Elecraft K2 (second cw station) in just  30 minutes of job ….and we are again on the air) Remaining here big problem with electricity…



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