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The online log-check, in use by V84SMD, is able to work both (near)-realtime and manual modes. The system, in use for the 1st time by our DX-pedition, allows to check your QSOs but also shows wich operator (band & mode included) is on air, statistics on the DX-pedition activity, a map of the last QSOs recorded and so on.

Due to different and far places, where each V84SMD station is located (we have 6 stations on air at the same time!), internet connection isn’t available in a stable way for everyone. So, the log-check is used in double running modes: synchronous, for the stations connected to internet, and a-synchronous for the stations wich aren’t online. Becouse of this, log-check updates for “off-line stations” are made manually, and usually around 13:00 UTC.

The summary table, showing “TOTAL QSOs”, “UNIQUE CALLS”… and “LAST QSO” refers, obviously, to the activity of real-time stations. In particular, the “LAST QSO” datum refers to the last QSO logged on the system. However you can know also the last QSO of the “cumulative” update, reported in the note below the table.


So, if you check your QSO and it doesn’t appear, maybe you contacted one of the a-syncronous stations of V84SMD. So you must wait for the cumulative update to be sure of your search.

 73 de Max Laconca, IK8LOV

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