Thumbnails sketches of a DX-p

Be honest, have you ever seen a DX-pedition with its personalized car? Now you’ll be able to answer yes! While Adhi YB3MM is chilling around driving the DXpedition’s car, other operators are working to set up the last antenna and operating from the stations already on air. Their log counts 14175 QSOs (updated to 2012-11-15 […]

V84SMD diary page

Intrigued to know news, rumors and curiosities showing the everyday-life of our boys in Brunei? Read their diary! A simple picture, a few lines or a small rumor wishpered in your hears, will tell you more of them every day. Note a new link in your favourite pages: the V84SMD diary page !

A sumptuous welcome to Brunei

It has been, with no doubt, an unforgettable welcome ceremony for the boys of V84SMD. Friendly and warm as can’t even imagine, Brunei people demonstrated all their proverbial friendship and hospitality to the DX-pedition. The official ceremony took place at Pantai Seri Kenangan and had as guest of honour the honourable TutongYang Berhormat Hj Ramli […]

A QTC from Singapore

Waiting for the last flight towards Brunei. It’s about 7 am in Singapore and the components of the Team, coming from Italy, are ready for a new check-in at the Terminal. The nice evening, spent in Busto Arsizio, and the delicious cake, prepared by Roberta, Gabriele’s wife, are probabily a “far” and nice memory. At […]


MONDAY, 12TH NOVEMBER 2012 0930 – Arrival of distinguished guests 0945 – Arrival of Guest of Honor, His Honorable Awang Haji Ramli bin Haji Lahit, Legislative Council Member and Penghulu of Mukim Telisai – The reciting of Surah Al-Fatihah – Welcoming Speech by the Chairman of GEMILANG Radio of Persatuan Gemilang Daerah Tutong, Awang Roslan […]

V84SMD Press Release N. 5

Dx friends of all over the World , we are now very near the kick off of our new adventure, this time in V8 land. All is going perfectly and we are happy to report that the DXpedition packaging is ready and all equipments tested. Our international team of 23 operators of 9 Countries, leading […]

DXpedition Service

Website, layout and IT infrastructure are offered FREE to all sponsored DXpeditions by MDXC.

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