V84SMD: rain, propagation & pile up.

From the official site V84SMD:

No. He isn’t playing “hide and seek” but merely protecting the equipments and himself from the nth daily downpour. It’s a continuous follow one another between good weather and downpour. This is also Brunei during these days: everything is unpredictable, as the propagation.

So, if a day, around the greyline time, 40 and 80m propagation explodes, the day after everything is totally different: poor 80m, good 30m during the whole night and strong openings with huge pile-ups towards Europe at the sunrise. However, the log counter rached about 36 thusand QSOs and it is still going on, minute by minute.

No rain, no downpour and neither a thunderstorm will be able to weaken the good spirits of the V84-boys.

Here is a photo of the group with the “official” DX-pedition k-way.


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