VK9MT:Mellish Reef 2014 – Press Release #8

The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of  VK9MT Free internal QSL serviceavailable for all MDXC Members is good standing with the share in 2014.


More information on the official website.



The Advance Team leaves for Australia on Sunday, March 16th, arriving Tuesday, March 18th. All equipment arrived in Australia and is at our partner firm. During the time we are at sea and during radio operations there will be no personal e-mail communications with the Team. Look to the DX bulletins for updates. We plan to update them using a satellite data terminal. If sea conditions permit there will be Maritime Mobile operation.

Comment sections on Facebook and our webpage will be turned off. The auto-publish function of the Guestbook entries will temporarily deactivated. Please direct comments / suggestions to the Pilot for (or closest to) your area. Pilot assignments and e-mail addresses are posted on vk9mt.com

Pilots will not have the logs during, or after, the DX-pediton. All log inquiries should be directed to the QSL Manager (M0URX) once the operation is QRT. If unsure of a QSO, work us again.

Radio operations will use split, please follow the operator’s instructions. We are not arranging skeds. There will be no EME or planned 6 meter operation.

Next Update from Mackay, Australia

VK9MT Team

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