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Welcome to our new members: Salvatore Vitale, Marco Vecchiola, Gianni Bettio, Kovac Ladislav, Andrea Veniani, Richard Pordon, Pasquale Loconte, Jean Louis Marquis.

IV3YIM – MDXC #744 Salvatore Vitale from Gorizia Italy;

IZ1DUI – MDXC #745 Marco Vecchiola from Sanremo (IM) Italy;

IZ2QDQ – MDXC #746 Gianni Bettio from Dorno (Pv) Italy.

OM3AG – MDXC #747 Kovac Ladislav from Slovak Republic;

IW2GBL – MDXC #748 Andrea Veniani from Certosa di Pavia (Pv) Italy;

IZ3EAX – MDXC #749 Richard Pordon from Candelù (Tv) Italy.

IZ7DOZ – MDXC #750 Pasquale Loconte from Andria (Bt) Italy;

F5NHJ – MDXC #751 Jean-Louis Marquis from France.

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